After the DARK Act: Companies to Label GMO Products

Last week, grassroots activists nationwide rallied to stop the anti-labeling DARK Act from moving forward in the Senate. Now, with Vermont’s first-in-the-nation labeling law set to take effect this summer, a few company executives have decided that it would be easier to label GMOs than to continue to fight the pro-labeling movement.

Kellogg’s, General Mills, and Mars just announced that as soon as mid-April they will begin labeling their GMO products. This is a huge step forward and it is to be hoped that other major food companies will follow suit. However, as we read on,

“Unfortunately this fight is far from over. The fact is we’ve stopped them, but they’re desperate to get a compromise that will only allow voluntary labeling…”

64 other countries around the world already legislate labeling GM products. The label may be as simple as “GM Product” or “Produced with Genetic Engineering.”

Vermont will be the first of several states with pending pro-label legislation to enact it into law. The Roberts bill, or DARK Act, as it came to be known, is an effort to bar state legislation by passing a federal statute that would make it illegal for individual states to require labels.

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by Staff