Are You Self-commitment Phobic?

Article fist appeared in Prediction Magazine, July 05, page 21.

Reading books, attending development courses, or getting psychic readings will only work if our brain is flexible enough to accept and understand new concepts and truths about ourselves. We need the ability to learn, or to allow ourselves to acquire new perspectives from our experiences, whether good and bad, and it is this that helps us evolve. The continuous process of evolution and adapting to change, dictates our blueprint for change, or our spiritual evolution.

Previously, we discussed how the brain’s natural capability and plasticity allows us to adapt and making change happen- in a split second. The way we react emotionally to change develops our understanding. With understanding comes wisdom. With wisdom, consciousness evolves. As we evolve, we become more in command, though not in control, of our lives.

The truth is any treatment or therapy can work, at least once; but in order to establish a new pattern in our lives for good or for a longer period, repetition is important; in other words commitment. This commitment enables any new change or pattern to become well engrained in our own energy field. Our old patterns took a long time to become established in our mind-body fabric, so sometimes the reason why an old pattern, or an emotional block, is so difficult to shift, is simply because we do not keep up the effort long enough to change it and make that shift happen.

Kathy Cooper, an Australian astrologer, (see says: “Character determines destiny. If you are a lazy person and your chart shows that there is a favourable transit operating that could bring rewards if the opportunities are grasped at that very point in time and you choose to sit around doing nothing, then there is little chance that the rewards that are promised will ever eventuate.. A chart may show an abundance of opportunities but if the person does not make the effort to utilise and recognise them, then it will come to nothing.”

As you start changing patterns, it impacts the ego or the lower self, and you begin to feel much better about yourself; your self-esteem rises knowing “I can make change happen.” Self-commitment and self-esteem are directly related. Another way of raising your self-esteem is to expand your awareness by allowing yourself to learn new hobbies, or by starting new activities which expand your self-awareness zone. If you are committed to your self-growth, you are guaranteed healthy self-esteem. This is because your brain can now literally grow new ‘neural paths’. As you commit to keeping that up; your brain establishes these new neural connections permanently, and old ones die away.

When we are performing a repetitious task, the brain knows you do not require ‘its attention’ to protect you. From its perspective this is boring, and since you are not threatened, the brain let’s down its guard or barriers and boundaries; and old pattern that are holding us back move out of the way, allowing your intuition to flow even stronger increasing your receptiveness to the process of learning new things, new habits, and new beliefs. This is the reason why affirmations work. With repetition, old neural paths are replaced by new enforced ones overcoming old habits. With this process your ‘comfort zone’ gradually expands allowing you to grow even further.

Here are two easy steps to help you:

When you catch yourself at ebb, decide to feel or think differently then act on that decision. This helps dismantle old ways of perceiving yourself, your self-worth goes up. Learn to extract joy in all what you experience. Change is not about will, it is about love.

Dr. Mario Martinez, (see a clinical neuropsychologist with a specialty in psychoneuroimmunology (how emotions and thoughts affect the nervous, endocrine and immune systems) has developed a ‘Biocognition’ theory that views the individual as an inseparable unit of mind, body and historical culture; believes that self-esteem is the gate that allows abundance and joy to come into our lives.

During his workshop at the Psychic College last year he explained: “commitment for self caring brings self-esteem up. Behaviour persists under very aversive conditions. Will is powered by love. When will is low, then the motivation (for change) is not love. Will works towards the symbols of love. Addictions and obsessions (established patterns) are distraction. Address what you are avoiding by your obsession. Delaying the rewards is addiction. Learn to love yourself by being self-caring, and self- nurturing. There is an opportunity to extract a ‘gift’ form anything. Teach yourself to extract joy, constantly, from daily activities.”

Next Month, we will discuss the first experience we ever learnt. Until then, love, light and healing.

© Sahar Huneidi 2005

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by Sahar Huneidi
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