David L. Cunningham: Faith Healer

My healing journey in this life began in the late 1960’s.

During those days I was an evening student at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

The college had been established by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Victoria era to study psychic phenomena.

My teacher/mentor Don Galloway told me in a private session that healing was my destiny. I had no idea what he was talking about and nothing happened until the early 1970’s.

I went to visit a friend, upon arrival the neighbour let me into my friend̢۪s house, informing me that Jean my friend was ill in bed with severe abdominal pain, and a Doctor had been sent for.

Sitting by the bed chatting to Jean, a voice above my head said, David place your hands on her pain.

I said to Jean. Look this sound strange but can I place my hands on your pain.

Within a few minutes of hands on, her pain immediately left her body.

So that was the beginning.

I played with the gift for the following 20 years, helping people who came into my life, as I did not have the time to devote my life to this work owing to my day job within the hotel trade.

Part of my experiences which are many was to work in New York̢۪s finest restaurant Tavern on The Green in Central Park, as Restaurant Director, in 1977/8 ; An expression of opulent theatrical elegance where the famous mingled with the tourists.

In July 1990 I went to work in Kuwait at the Kuwait Plaza Hotel in Kuwait City and on August 2nd at 4am.

I was awoken to gun shot noises coming from outside my bedroom window.

Looking into the street below I watch the Iraqi solders firing their guns indiscriminately.

Saddam Hussein issued orders for all westerners to be rounded up and moved to Baghdad.

I was held as a human shield for 3 months locked inside a T72 Tank Factory next to a Gas bomb plant.

That experience gave me a wonderful chance to use my unconditional love towards the soldiers who guarded us.

In the September of 1990 in my daily prayer I asked God when I could go home, the Voice said after October 18th. I was released on Oct 20th .

That was the final proof I needed to strengthen my infinite trust and faith in God.

I made a pact with God that when I returned home I would use my gift of healing to help my fellowman to the highest degree possible.

So what is this thing called healing? For me it is pure God manifest in a healing energy that can literally heal all conditions, mind body and soul.

I never promise my clients anything but I have witnessed great healings in my 16 years doing this work.

How do we become sick, well my understanding and teachings from Spirit are:

When we are not at peace

When we are not in harmony

When we do not love ourselves unconditionally without judgement

When we do not love our fellowman without judgement

When we have unresolved emotional issues with someone

Holding onto unloving thoughts

All this unhappiness

Al this dis-ease

Filters through from our souls into our physical bodies and




So a combination of love and forgiveness frees our souls from pain which gives our physical bodies a better chance of healing, with healing energies flowing through all atoms of mind body and soul.

Also, when healing energies are channelled through the 8 chakra points, that also gives the body a chance to function more energetically.

Spirit also taught me to be a good healer is to cleanse the soul of all issues, love unconditionally and turn this love into a healing energy.

Be at Peace and love,

David L. Cunningham

While working at the prestigious Hale Clinic in London, David Cunningham healed people from all walks of life royalty and commoners, alike.David L. Cunningham has been an accredited Healer Member of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers. www.spiritualhealingcenter.com/biography/

For more information on David L. Cunningham, please visit www.spiritualhealingcenter.com

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by David L. Cunningham
David Cunningham worked with a medical doctor who was an HIV specialist and during the day, David drew blood and counseled HIV and Aids patients. At night, he began his spiritual healing ministry by working with patients who had no hope for a medical cure.David's reputation for healing reached Hayley Mills, the international actress and daughter of Sir John Mills. It was Ms. Mills' incredible life-altering experience and the publicity of her story that launched David Cunningham's career on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.