Paul McKenna, “Success for Life” & Other Hypnosis Techniques

Paul McKennaHaving personally known Paul McKenna as a hypnotist and friend, I can recommend his series of tapes, “Success for Life.”

I particularly enjoyed listening to the cassette, “Radiant Health – the keys to well-being and vitality” which is perfect to listen to before retiring.

Paul recently appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, discussing hypnosis as a means to achieve weight-loss and other self improvement goals. Click here to watch the clip, “Supercharge Your Metabolism” on

If you find the cassettes unavailable, he now has many CD’s, DVD’s, books and other products available on his website to help others achieve their goals in weight-loss, phobias, sleep, and other subjects.

Paul has been involved with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), weight loss, self confidence and other services and coaching opportunities to help others. He is the author of several books, including Change Your Life in Seven Days. Merlian News posted an excerpt from this book. Don’t forget to look at this fascinating article linked below. It may just help to change you life!

All of Paul’s work is professional and of excellent quality. To check if these CD’s and products are suitable for you go onto his website at

Paul McKenna PhD is one of the world’s leading hypnotists. He has appeared and demonstrated his incredible talents on television in over 42 countries. He is a best selling author and more than a million people have been helped by his amazing tapes & CD’s. He has worked with Olympic gold medallists and World champion sports people, top business achievers, rock stars, film stars and even royalty.

Change Your Life in Seven Days by Paul McKennaChange Your Life in 7 Days by Paul McKenna

Change Your Life in Seven Days: An Excerpt From a New Bestseller by Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna on Dr. Oz


by Merryn José
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