Shamanic Breathwork Series at the Open Center

Check out this ongoing series of breathwork classes at the New York Open Center. Running every Wednesday, now through the end of June, you can sign up for one or for several. Smadar Yaish leads the classes. She is facilitator of the Bear Medicine Spiritual Community’s Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process, is a psychotherapist, transformation coach, shamanic breathwork master practitioner, and shamanic

From the website, we read:

In this Shamanic Breathwork™ class you will experience healing that draws on the wisdom of Shamanic practices, contemporary psycho-spiritual models and transpersonal psychology. It will allow you to connect with the shaman within and access the power of healing and transformation using breath and music. People who experience Shamanic Breathwork report an increase in physical and emotional well-being.

Note: Recommended for laypersons as well as health professionals.

AN EVENING WORKSHOP Every Wednesday May 18, 5:45—7:45pm

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by Staff