The Divine Design by Asandra

The divine design of creation has already completed itself.

***image1***When you begin your journey in this life, from the onset of your first breath, your essential needs must be met. These are food, shelter, and nurturing. This is true of all created things, whether human, animal, or any other form. Even a drop of water must be sustained by the elements that support its’ existence. As a human, you are not capable of being fully independent of your mother or caretaker until you reach a certain age. Everything that has come into created existence is interdependent upon everything else in its environment. This is by design. The universe such as it is, is multidimensional, multi-leveled, and multilayered. Everything in existence is intertwined with everything else, so your very first lesson in life when you are born, is that you are interdependent on the world around you.

But the assumption you may have about life’s purpose is most likely incorrect. Yes, it is true that all throughout your life, even to your very last breath, the necessity to have those very same essential needs met is still necessary. But what is the purpose of your life between that first and last breath? There is a dynamic potential that exists within all creation. Even a tree is fulfilling its destiny as a tree. But the tree does not get confused about why it exists. It does not have to search for meaning to its life. It does not have to scramble to extract some satisfaction from its existence. The tree is simply being its’ tree-ness; the bird is simply being its’ bird-ness. If human beings do not interfere with creation, it will continue to do what it is designed to do.

***image2***This potentially is true for humans as well. But in order to fulfill your greater purpose, you must relinquish all the unnecessary efforts that you make to coerce life, even if it is an unconscious level, to try to satisfy your needs. At the surface level, these needs are the survival based ones: food, water, and shelter. There is also the essential need for emotional inter-relationships with others and with nature. To arrive at the position where you are in alignment with your purpose in life, there is the necessity to allow yourself to be open to receive the fulfillment of your souls’ needs and desires.

Most people think that they have to struggle and strive to succeed in their life, but this is not required. The divine design of creation has already completed itself. In other words, it is perfect in its capacity to provide for itself. It has already been created! This is not only at the superficial levels of survival needs, but also at the more profound soul-based level. So if you are adventurous and trusting, you will allow the source of all created things to be your teacher and guide in this life. There is no one thing, experience, or opportunity that is not a result of source providing for you. The capacity of this great source is that it also provides your soul with what it requires for the deepest communion possible. This means that awakening exists as a potential already inherent within you. If you can cease the busyness and distractions of your life, then you will be on the roadway to fulfillment.

Creation is not random. Even in chaos, there is a dynamic inter-relationship in the cosmology of existence. No one thing is sustained without the support of everything else in creation held in perfect balance. Therefore, it is not your job to try to figure out what to do with your life. That wisdom is already present within you and everything that exists in the universe. Just like no one has to tell a bird how to fly, you do not have to figure out how to live your life or how to exist. But you do have to learn how to be. When you are internally still, you can experience the presence of the divine design of life. That blueprint of existence will reveal itself when you position yourself as an open receiver. When you allow yourself to trust and receive, you will then begin to know more deeply who you are. Inner stillness, in conjunction with receptivity, and communion, is the alchemical formula that allows the divine design of your life to be revealed.

Channeled by Asandra © 2006 from her forthcoming book, The Guided Path.

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by Asandra
ASANDRA considers herself to be a multidimensional being. This is expressed through her work as an Artist, Writer, and Trance-channel.