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The Cycle of Nature – Action and Rest

Summer and Winter. Day and night. Awake and asleep. Action and Rest.

We are enamored with constant growth. Growth for countries, business, stocks . . . everything. We cannot have all action without some of the corresponding inaction or rest. There needs to be both expansion and contraction. With only expansion and no contraction, there is only collapse. Plan for contraction as well as expansion . . . in your business . . . in your life.

In Sanskrit there are two words useful to understand. Manvantara: the cycle or period of activity for the Universe, solar system, planet or man. One’s whole life is a great action, or Manvantara. The companion word is Pralaya: the cycle or period of rest for the Universe, solar system, planet or man. The period between lives is Pralaya.

Daytime is filled with Manvantara, action; we rest at night, Pralaya. On the smaller scale – breathe out, it’s Manvantara. When we breathe in, it’s Pralaya.

Start flowing with this cycle in your life, in your day to day process. Take time for rest. Take time to think. Take time for Pralaya. As you take brief moments of inaction during any day, you will find moments of action more rewarding, more fulfilling and getting more accomplished will be the order of the day. Quiet times reveal to us ‘What Is’ and ‘What is Not’.

Pralaya is a quiet time when we are most able (and available) to receive messages from within. These messages will bring you the information for Manvantara, your next step towards your desired achievements. What quiet time is able to bring us is infinite. It can bring us what is emotional, as well as what is cognitive. Or, it may bring us something different, something totally unexpected. What is sure is that quiet time always brings us what we truly need.

Meditation and guided imagery are both Pralaya. Look for ways to plan for some contraction as well as expansion. We must have both. When you plan for some Pralaya, rest or contraction, you are using the tide of Nature to your advantage. When you are with the flow, the Universe blesses you. When a mate leaves, a job ends, a death occurs . . . use this as a time of Pralaya. Take that deep inward breath. Rest, relax, know these endings are part of the flow.

Stop . . . listen to the inner beat . . . listen to the inner voice . . . It’s as easy as breathing in and breathing out.

You too can have peace and comfort as you allow Manvantara ACTION and Pralaya INACTION to be a part of every day, become a part of your life. Expand, then contract, and you are with the flow . . .

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Pralaya Quiet Time Exercise

Sit quietly for 10 minutes and listen only to your breath.

It does not matter where you are when you sit quietly. Place is unimportant because we are looking within in this exercise – not without.

You may also find it helpful to keep your eyes closed. As you proceed to focus on the breath, you may find yourself trying to control the breath. This exercise is not a breathing exercise, but an exercise to simply witness what is current without trying to manipulate of judge it . . just “let it BE.”

If you start out immediately trying to change your breath in any way and seem to have a difficult time releasing control, you may want to make believe that you are listening to someone else’s breath. And after you get the gist of simply allowing it to be as it is, slowly release the idea of it being another’s breath.

A Pralaya Exercise Key 😉

Practice reveals perfection.

Perfection is the True and Capable You.

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by Beth Prins Leas
Beth Prins Leas founded the Total Life Care Center, Norwalk, CT in 1997 to bring vision, growth and change to the holistic community — one person at a time. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher/ Practitioner and Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Instructor with a thriving private practice.