Vetraceuticals® Nutritional Pet Supplements for Cats & Dogs

Vetraceuticals makes Nutritional Pet Supplements for Cats & Dogs, with great products at great prices.

Vetraceuticals has a great way of fund raising for any group, and works very closely with them to help them. One of the groups Vetraceuticals works with is IACP, International Association of Canine Professionals.

According to their website:

“Vetraceuticals Daily Canine Health System and Daily Feline Health System are unique, state of the art products. There are no other products like them on the market.

Developed by Veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling, working with experts in the field of enzymes and pet nutrition, Vetraceuticals products are designed to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Vetraceuticals Canine and Feline Health Systems are powerful nutritional supplements you add to your pet’s regular food and provide your pet with vital nutrition that is typically missing from their regular diet.

As humans we are becoming increasingly aware of the nutritional value of the foods we eat. Even with the freshest most nutritious food we are beginning to realize the importance of supplements.

Our pets don’t receive the same levels of nutrition that we do as humans so their need for supplements is actually greater. As we become increasingly concerned for our pet’s health we see that the next big thing in the pet market is going to be pet nutrition.

Vetraceuticals® powerful formulas can help your dog’s health…

Anti-aging Anti-arthritis Improved joint health Improved digestion Improved cardiovascular performance Aid in detoxification Improved absorption of vital nutrients Healthier looking coat Fresher breath Improved energy levels

… and much, much more”

They also supply full color brochures and discount coupons. Receive a 50% discount on all orders for the first 3 months, just use coupon code (SURVEY08MJ) There is also a 25% discount on each additional pet.

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Vetraceuticals® Canine Health System is a long term program of nutritional supplementation in the form of a measured daily dosage of active enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, powerful anti-oxidants, concentrated green foods and micro-nutrients in a powder form added to your dog's regular food. Digestive disorders, arthritis and joint problems, cardiovascular disorders, lethargy, cancer, immune disorders, canine Alzheimer's, weight problems, skin problems, bad breath, excess gas... these are all things that your dog may be subject to as it ages.