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You Are the Healer by Gene Krackehl
By Cheryl Shainmark

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Gene Krackehl is a certified Hands-on Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, and Ordained Interfaith Minister who has been performing energy work (distance and hands-on) his whole life. In addition to being at the Center for Health & Healing, he has his own healing practice in Katonah collaborating with therapists, hospitals, physicians and other health care professionals on a wide range of clients and conditions. (continued below)
Aug 5, 2005

Gene KrackehlWe’ve all known the feeling of having our day lifted by a warm smile or a kind word – or perhaps we’ve listened sympathetically to a friend or loved one’s problems and done a little to lighten their load, if only by letting them know that we loved them and understood.  In this superb new book by Gene Krackehl, You Are the Healer, we learn that these events are a kind of “energy exchange” and that learning to work with this energy may be all that it takes to become an energy healer.  


This book is a “must-read” for anyone contemplating becoming a hands-on energy healer, but others may benefit from it as well.  There are practical tips and exercises for real, every-day events, such as defusing a tense situation, making a presentation to a hostile or distracted audience, figuring out your life purpose, and more.  All readers can learn how to do the relaxation exercises or how to “run” energy on themselves even if they have no interest in becoming a healer.


But for those who are interested in pursuing a career in healing, or think they might be, then You Are the Healer is a gold-mine of information.  Based on years of experience of healing and working with energy, Mr. Krackehl has essentially written a “how to” manual that walks the reader through all the essentials, from first recognizing energy and learning how to manipulate it, through setting up an office and conducting a session with a client.  There are clear instructions for each step and exercise, some with photos and illustrations, to guide the reader from start to finish.


All of this is livened up with amusing or moving anecdotes and stories from the author’s own experiences.  Mr. Krackehl’s background and sometimes painful memories of childhood as an empath are fascinating, and how he changed careers from advertising designer to energy healer may be illuminating for those readers contemplating a career change themselves.  And according to the author, this may be the perfect time to become an energy healer, as many traditional hospitals and doctors are now offering alternative medicine as a part of their treatment plans.  Mr. Krackehl has worked in conjunction with many of the area’s most prestigious hospitals offering his talents within this new model of Integrative Medicine.


You Are the Healer is written with warmth, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human condition.  Most impressive though is the author’s optimism that these conditions can all be healed, and that we each have within us the potential to be a healer.   As Mr. Krackehl notes, it doesn’t take any special psychic or “otherwordly” abilities to start, just an ability to feel and to send love. So, if you are contemplating the career path of the healer, then this book may be all the road map that you need.

For more information visit amazinghealer.com

Or visit www.wainwright.org

Bio continued- Gene has lectured extensively at organizations, corporations and hospitals including: Hudson Valley Hospital Center’s Women’s Symposium; MasterCard International; Women in Communications; Joslin Center for Diabetes, Gilda’s Club and many more.  He has testified successes in working on people with cancer and documented breakthrough discoveries in helping people deal with stress, fear, grief and anxiety.


He also teaches Energy Healing at various locations throughout the country such as Wainwright House. Gene has recently been featured on several WFAS and WVOX talk shows, in an upcoming film documentary, and in publications such as the Westchester Business Journal, The Lewisboro Ledger and Inner Realm Magazine.  (Biographical information cited from http://www.westchesterhealing.com/OurPractitioners/GKrackehl.htm)


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