Thoughts for Today: Quantum Science, Astrophysics & Orgonomy

Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Walter Schemp (one of the key creators of fMRI technology) and others are describing a process in nature they call the quantum hologram (QH) which has opened a new field of science, “quantum holography.”  In their description, all animate and inanimate objects in nature are emitting radiation as groups of photons–which they call quantum holograms—that contain information about the life history of the objects emitting them.  You can find the details of this work at the website of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters,

These photons are emitted in groupings that identify their source more accurately than our fingerprints identify each of us.  The QHs are emitted by living and nonliving matter and travel at different frequencies beyond our planet in the energy continuum that is “outer space.”  If the consciousness of a human being, or an as-yet-to-be-created device, could get in resonance with these frequencies, the information contained in the QH emissions could then be de-coded and interpreted.

We see this type of activity in our world today.  Some suggest that the QH is involved in extraordinary knowings that we now call psychic.  And we all have experienced invisible frequencies encoded with information being de-coded by devices in the form of TV, radio, cell phones, I-Pads, computers etc.

Emeritus Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild believes that he and his colleagues have found a physical structure in our galaxy (and most likely in every galaxy) that acts as a “memory membrane of nature’s mind.”  (You will find an article on the FREE website called Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram.  Dr. Schild posits that all the QH emissions of all things in existence in our galaxy are traveling as frequencies through the energy continuum of space toward a gigantic MECO object (formerly known as a black hole) at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  (MECO stands for Magnetic Eternally Collapsing Object.)

Dr. Schild further states that these QH emissions, with information about everything in existence, never leave our spacetime.  They remain in a field of high quantum electro-dynamic chaos around the MECO object—for all time.  This means that the information in the QH emissions is theoretically retrievable via the process of quantum nonlocality as described by Edgar Mitchell.

Are you still with me?

These pioneering scientific investigations may be connected with our Mindshift Life Energy studies in an important manner.  Wilhelm Reich concluded that electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism and gravity were all functions of a primordial cosmic energy.  At the end of his life in 1957, Reich was seeing signs of awareness and self-awareness associated with the Life Energy he studied.  Let’s look at where these two fields of investigation may intersect.

For the moment, let’s assume that the QH formulation is correct and that groupings of electromagnetic photons are encoded with information.  What is the source of this encoding of information?  How does it occur?

Let’s perform a “thought experiment” and postulate the existence of a primordial cosmic energy that is somehow aware and self-aware.  Now let’s link this phenomenon with the QH formulation.  In doing this, we can see that the QH is an electromagnetic function of the primordial cosmic energy.  And we can further see that if the cosmic energy has awareness and/or self-awareness, it could be the intelligent source of the information, and the encoding of that information, in the QH emissions.

Continuing the “thought experiment,” we now include Dr. Schild’s discovery of a physical structure in the galaxy that acts like a “memory membrane of nature’s mind.”  This structure is where all the QH emissions remain for all time and where the information they contain is theoretically retrievable.  This physical structure would be a key part of how the aware and self-aware cosmic energy in the cosmos de-codes and interprets the information it receives from all of inanimate and animate nature.

By connecting the Cosmic Life Energy phenomenon with Edgar Mitchell’s QH and with Rudy Schild’s MECO, new vistas of exploration open up through bringing together quantum physics, astrophysics and orgonomy.

michaelmannionMr. Mannion has been a professional health and medical writer for over 35 years, working with major conventional and complementary health organizations and practitioners. He was formerly the Director of Professional Education Publications for the American Cancer Society and the Managing Editor of the Society’s flagship journal. He is the author of a number of works of nonfiction, among them A Maverick’s Odyssey: One Doctor’s Quest to Conquer Disease – The Story of Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D. and the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine; The New American Medicine; Frankenstein Foods; The Pharmacist’s Guide to Over-the-Counter and Natural Remedies; How to Help Your Teenager Stop Smoking; and Project Mindshift: The Reeducation of the American Public Concerning Extraterrestrial Life. He is also the author of three novels, Death Cloud; Colleen; and Erin’s Daughters.

trishPatricia B. Corbett and Michael Mannion are the co-founders of The Mindshift Institute which has produced over two dozen events in New York City and at the invitation of organizations such as the Center for Psychology & Social Change in Cambridge, MA; Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in New York, and member groups of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California and Connecticut. For four years, they ran the Center for New Knowledge in Northampton, MA.  And for 10 years (2003-2012), they produced an annual Mindshift conference in Rangeley, ME called Cosmos and Consciousness.  For more information, visit their website at

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