Kathleen Marden – Leading UFO Researcher

A few years ago I had the great privilege to interview Kathleen Marden for a Merlian News Podcast. Kathleen, the niece of the famous UFO abductee Betty Hill, is a leading UFO researcher, author, and lecturer, and was a wonderful guest, very passionate and informed about her topic, and I came away believing that their was great validity in her research and experience. After that interview I became increasingly interested in her work, and began following her career and her website www.kathleen-marden.com

Kathleen is MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Director of Research, and is on the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters Board of Directors and research committee member. She is the co-author of several books including Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience Fact, Fiction and Flying Saucers, and The Alien Abduction Files.

One of her current projects is a survey that is being conducted by MUFON. From her website we read: “MUFON’s Experiencer Research Team is excited to announce that our “Experiencer Survey” has been posted at www.MUFON.com. Click on http://www.mufon.com/experiencer-survey.html for the direct link…. The survey has 118 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The Experiencer Survey is a quantitative research project designed to identify commonalities among experiencers. If you are an experiencer and have some memory of your events, please contribute to our research. The results will be shared in a scholarly report when it has been completed. Thank you!”

Merlian News Podcast with Kathleen Marden: Part One

Merlian News Podcast with Kathleen Marden: Part Two

Kathleen will be appearing at The International UFO Congress Conference February 14-18, 2018

Abduction Experiencers’ Perception of the Alien Agenda (Video)


Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

Eating For Beauty is a well illustrated, delightful easy to read book, by David Wolfe-a raw food enthusiast. You can literally eat yourself beautiful to wonderfully exotic recipes for skin-glow, hair-building, nails, bone strengthening and much more. This book is filled with information about the importance of good nutrition. There are clear explanations on exactly what zinc, iron, chromium, manganese and certain minerals do for the body and which foods supply these nutrients.’

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The Great Mysteries: Believing, Knowing, & Proving

Growing up, I never thought twice about whether there was an afterlife, or if it was possible to see into the past or the future, or how one could see things and events at a remote distance. My mother was a psychic, as was her mother and her mother’s mother before her. I knew as a child that I had inherited the “second sight”…. As a result, when people asked me whether I believed in things such as life after death, the paranormal, distance healing, or the mind’s ability to affect matter, I would tell them, “I don’t believe it, I know it.”

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Changing Lives: Sharing Our Transformative Experiences

A few weeks ago I wrote about a New York Times interview with Barbara Ehrenreich, author of several books including “Nickel and Dimed.” The interview focused on her most recent book, “Living With a Wild God,” a memoir detailing the author’s transformative experiences when she was in her teens. Having had numerous experiences myself, I found that her account caught my interest. In the last few years I have noted an increase in the number of people stepping forward to tell their sometimes other-worldly stories of wonder, enlightenment, and awe…

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Earthing: Reconnecting with the Power of the Earth

I first heard of “Earthing,” the concept of connecting to and gaining energy from direct contact with the Earth, several years ago. I learned that the ancient yogis and Christian mystics knew about this great source of power and for that reason developed practices that involved going out into caves or the desert and sleeping on the ground. It not only improved their meditations but reportedly healed sickness and extended longevity.

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Looking at Sacred Geometry

I had a startling vision a couple of decades ago that led me to research Sacred Geometry. When I did, I was astonished to find that the beautiful symbols I saw in my vision have been known about and studied for thousands of years. From the Ancient Chinese geomancers to Plato, from the Egyptians and the Hindus, through to the modern work of Nassim Harimein (video), the same powerful geometric shapes recur over and over again.

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Cooking With Qi & Conquering Any Disease

| by Merryn Jose

Like so many of us, I’ve been watching my nutrition and eating healthfully for years, buying only organic food and the very freshest ingredients possible. Also years ago, I cut out those foods that are known to damage our systems. I thought I was doing well until I heard about Qigong Master Jeff Primack and his food based healing system.

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The Miracle of Castor Oil Packs by Merryn José

| by Merryn José

Merryn’s personal experience using castor oil packs for healing. ‘What I find most fascinating is that all parts of the castor plant are extremely poisonous to eat, but when the oil is extracted from the seed of the Ricinus communis plant, the poison remains in the seed, and it becomes “the oil that heals.”

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Validating Your Spiritual Experience

| by Merryn Jose

Many years ago I, too, had what they now call an “STE,” or Spiritual Transformative Experience. Like others, I only told my mother and a few close friends at the time. In my case, I was fortunate in that it was not preceeded by an accident or life threatening illness, instead it came seemingly out of nowhere one evening. Just like a Near Death Experience, I was enveloped in light, spoke with guides, and felt the ecstatic bliss of unconditional love.

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Meditation, Mystical Experiences & Brain Mapping

| by Merryn Jose

I am a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books, CDs and DVDs . First featured on the documentary, What the Bleep do we Know? this leading neuroscientist and lecturer has written such best sellers as Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (Health Communications, Inc., 2007) and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Hay House, 2012). You Are The Placebo (Hay House, 2014), his latest book, builds on his previous work. Recently, I was delighted to come across a wonderful new outlet for Dr. Dispenza’s work: www.quantumworld.tv. On there I found a video, Brain, Mind, and the Placebo Effect….

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