What do Lions Represent? From “Whispers from the Wild” by Amelia Kinkade

whispersA sense of belonging. They belong to this earth and they know it. They came to reign supreme, and they do so with an uncompromising sense of clarity. What if you could be the king or queen of your own life and rule with absolute authority? Wouldn’t you, as the alpha lion or lioness, bring a sense of being alpha — calm, confident, and in charge — not only to yourself but to the world around you?

Lionesses cooperate. They know there’s strength in numbers. They agree on a plan of attack. They work together. They hunt together, they eat together, they share, they sleep together, loving each other in a state of perfect cooperation and bliss. They do not compete for food or rank in the pride, and they do not fight among themselves. Male lions rule diligently and protect the females in their pride. They do not fight with the females, pick on them, harm them, or make them feel outcast. They are the shepherds of their own pride, overseeing the group and making important choices for the good of all, when to take risks and when to wait for the next opportunity to come along. The lions and lionesses, no matter their rank in the pride, can each hunt and be self-sufficient, but they all know that they work better as a group because they belong together. What do lionesses embody? Cooperation and teamwork.

In the cosmic sense, the lions are the militia of the archangels and the Lion of Judah. They are invincible and at the top of the food chain wherever they go, but they rely on each other. They are raw power, pure sunshine, but they travel in groups, unlike tigers. They are a social group of protectors, a particular kind of angelic warrior that is sent into a foul system to clean energy. Here on earth they have been sent to terminate corruption, clear pollution, and bring a world spinning out of control back into order. They are on this earth to anchor us back to our own Christ consciousness, our own God selves, so that we can realign with our own inner confidence and power.

Until we see this beauty within us, we will not see it in our world and feel we have the power to protect it. When we find our inner lions, we will know that this is our earth to cherish and nurture and protect. Only then will we as a species have a sense of place within nature’s world. When we evolve to this level, we will “belong” here, because only then will we be worthy of this world and its animals. The lions will walk through the Garden once again. And when there are enough of us, we will form a pride, a royal family that answers to God and is ruled by the proper King, one who rules with compassion and love.


Amelia Kinkade is the author of several books on animal communication, including Whispers from the Wild, as well as Straight from the Horse’s Mouth and The Language of Miracles. The founder of Ark Angel TV and The Language of Miracles Institute online, she has devoted her life to using her gifts to communicate with animals. Visit her online at www.ameliakinkade.com.

Excerpted from the book Whispers from the Wild: Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom. Copyright © 2016 by Amelia Kinkade. Printed with permission from New World Library — www.newworldlibrary.com.


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