Awakenings- A Metaphysical Bookstore

If you happen to drive by the village of Katonah in Westchester County, please make it a must to drop in at Awakenings. The owner Linda Love is always gracious and helpful with anything you might need.

This store is a treasure trove of books, candles, crystals, tapes, jewelry, and many other delights!In addition to a number of yoga videos and feng shui crystals, there are an endless selection of both holistic and metaphysical books.

There is also a collection of books on tape, including the recorded works of Caroline Myss, Edgar Cayce, Ram    Dass and Deepak Chopra and numerous others. Among the great gifts available at Awakenings, is an array of beautiful handmade glass stars which are not only artistic, but light up a room. Awakenings is a perfect place for the purchasing of presents for every season. In fact, just perusing the store is a gift in itself. Enjoy!

Check out their website! Its beautifully peaceful colors and easy to navigate pages make your spiritual excursions that much more convenient. The store has a constantly updated list of events, practitioners, and speakers on their calendar. Call the store to confirm the schedule of any event you are interested in.

Mention this website and receive 10% off your purchase.

For more information on products, please visit

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00 Sunday 12:00-5:00


215 Katonah Ave.

Katonah NY 10536

(914) 232-0382

Klaus Heinemann On Orbs & Entities

| by Hazel Courtney

‘If you change your TV channel, you switch to different frequencies, which contain different information. It’s illogical to think that what we cannot see is not real, because the human eye is able to receive only a very narrow part of the light spectrum. Many animals can see in spectrums invisible to us.’.. As Professor Heinemann summarised: ‘Research into orbs is only in its infancy. But the photographs of these spirit emanations offer evidence – as close to scientific proof as we have ever come – in proving the existence of spiritual reality.’

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Life After Life: An Investigative Look at Reincarnation by Don Mordasini

| by Don Mordasini

As we age the prospect of dying becomes a reality we must deal with. For some, this prospect is very frightening. Many of my clients start worrying about growing old or dying during their middle age. Others tell me they just put off the thought until a later time. Yet others try to distract themselves with any number of activities. As I write this the August cover of Time Magazine depicts a worried man in his fifties, with the footnote, “two billion dollars are being spent annually on testosterone treatments.” The money spent on anti-ageing products could probably feed all of the world’s impoverished people, yet we use it to ward off fear of dying.

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An Interview With Spiritual Leader, Swami Vishwananda

| by Jyotirananda, Questions asked by Thea Ivie

Swami Vishwananda is a spiritual teacher. He was born on June 13th 1978 into a Hindu-family on the island of Mauritius. From earliest childhood his sole interest was in spirituality and religious practices. He would visit Christian Churches, Hindu temples and Muslim mosques because he felt drawn to the presence of the Divine and Sacred. At an early age he realized his true Self and the reason for his incarnation. Since then, many people came to him to seek his advice on spiritual and everyday matters.

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Sacred Art, Sacred Space by Alex Grey

| by Alex Grey

According to Grey, the Temples of Damanhur and his own Temple of Sacred Mirrors in New York, serve as examples and reminder of just what’s possible even in our contemporary secular society when people come together to create something truly meaningful and of lasting beauty. “

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| by Reviewer

Adi-guru Das has been attracted to incense from a very young age and eventually as a monk with the Krishna movement, “I was able to travel in India and seek out better and better incenses. I was later given charge of supplying incense for our London temples and other temples in Europe. What is so special about incense and food that is offered to Krishna is that the commercial element is removed as no-one really wants to offer something to God and cut corners! Therefore you will find that this temple grade incense is of a remarkable quality.”

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Why We Need To Work With Symbols by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

| by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

A symbol is not just an image, but is like a door into the inner world of the soul, through which we can access the energy and meaning that belongs to this sacred dimension of our self. However, a symbol will only reveal its magical nature if we approach it with the right attitude, if we have the correct quality of consciousness. Symbolic consciousness is a way of working with symbols that allows their meaning and energy into our consciousness. It is like a key that is needed to unlock the real potential, the energy of a symbol.”

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Working with Spirit: Thoughts of Dorothy Davies

| by Dorthy Davies

There are many levels of spirit people: there is the guide who chose to walk with you from the moment you arrived on this earth plane, there is the guardian angel who has attached themselves to you to guard you and protect you…There is no better way of living a life. With their help I have grown wiser, more able to give to others on this side of life, more capable of sharing their wisdom with those who come to me for readings for advice. With their help I have learned to appreciate every day, no matter what it brings me.

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Spirituality and Stress Relief

| by Staff

Spirituality and stress relief: Make the connection Taking the path less traveled by exploring your spirituality can lead to a clearer life purpose, better personal relationships and enhanced stress management skills. From

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How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

| by Trish LeSage

Have you ever had gut feelings about something that proved to be correct? Have you ever thought about someone, and then, they called you on the phone shortly thereafter? Have you ever dreamt about something while sleeping that ended up happening in real life? Have you ever felt guided and avoided danger? Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable with the room itself or the people there? All of these are examples of intuitive abilities or our sixth sense.

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