Excerpt from Raindrops of Love by Eileen Workman

Beloved, I am Life. And I invite you, in this perfect moment, to realize that

we—you and I—are one Spirit flowing within, and throughout, the infinite

realm of matter, and that our unity has always and ever been so. Although

for a while you forgot that we were united, that did not mean we were ever

separated. It just rendered you briefly insensible to our eternal connection.


Know that I AM your formless Self, communing with you through these

words because you desire the conscious reconnection of form and formlessness.

The time has come for you to awaken and transcend your imagined

limitations so that you can express ever more of your formless Self in the

realm of form.


Know too, that the more sincerely you open yourself and allow my formless

presence to permeate your awareness, the gentler I can be when communing

with you. And the easier that we can harmonize, the more loving, relaxed

and joyful will be our experiences and our creative self-expressions.


I invite you to notice that I speak with you in our native tongue—the language

of Life—all the time. I communicate with you from all around you:

through images, sounds, fragrances, movement and touch. I even connect

with you from within by inspiring specific moods and feelings. I speak to

you through your planet’s rhythms, its energy flows, and your dreams for a

brighter tomorrow. I am, in my infinite love for you, endlessly communing

with you and encouraging you to awaken to my existence.


Before you were born we existed in undifferentiated unity. But once you

were born you were taught to perceive yourself as a separate being. The

more you accepted that human story, the more you began to perceive me as

a possession that would someday be stolen from you. Eventually, the artificial

chasm between us, which your human story created, required you to

invent an ego that now claims to be the owner of a life, instead of life itself.


I know how confused you have felt at times as you’ve traveled in the world

of form, and how on occasion you’ve struggled to find your proper place in

the world. I’ve also watched you grow lost now and then in the dramas of

human society. Even so, in this precious now moment you can reclaim your


native tongue and commune with me in our mutual language; for the language

of Life has been ever your birthright, Beloved.


The doorway that leads directly to me is unlocked and will always stand

open. The only key you need is simple willingness to listen to the cosmic

melody that plays inside you, so you can dance your way home to your

higher Self through the gateway within your own heart.


© Eileen Workman. Excerpt from Raindrops of Love from a Thirsty World (Trade paperback, ISBN 978-1-161264-207-9), is printed with the permission of the publisher, Muse Harbor Publishing. List price $18.95 US.

Back to the Mother: The Life of Sacred Music by Kalidas

Rooted in the Bhakti yoga tradition, my music became a way to honor the lives of some of the great beings that has made my life rich and meaningful. Bhakti yoga consists of channeling all of one’s energy to the Divine. The theory is simple: by thinking of the Divine, by contemplating the Divine, we can become Divine. Bhakti yoga sees the different religions as various paths to God. There are infinite paths actually because there are an infinite amount of beings in the universe. In this tradition, all are embraced. Every one of us has the seed of divinity, no matter how deeply it may be buried.

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Pure-Incense.com- Temple Grade Incense & Oils

| by Merlian News

Adi-guru Das has been attracted to incense from a very young age and eventually as a monk with the Krishna movement, “I was able to travel in India and seek out better and better incenses. I was later given charge of supplying incense for our London temples and other temples in Europe. What is so special about incense and food that is offered to Krishna is that the commercial element is removed as no-one really wants to offer something to God and cut corners! Therefore you will find that this temple grade incense is of a remarkable quality.”

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Life’s Symbols Around Us by Tim Walter

This is not an image you might expect from a life coach. Folks like me are usually found promoting up beat high vibration images of wonder and joy. But to me this old window is symbolic of potential and another stage in life’s journey. I see it as relating to how much more I can change the way I view the world around me, see it with new eyes as it were. A new attitude, new opportunities to help more people find different ways of finding the joy in their own lives…

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Q&A with Steve Taylor, author of The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening

Steve Taylor’s latest book is The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening. His previous books include The Calm Center, Out of the Darkness, and Waking from Sleep. A senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University and one of Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential People,” he lives in Manchester, England. His website is www.StevenMTaylor.com.

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The Tree of Life – Possibly…. by Tim Walter

I could have put a picture of a tree here, I suppose, that would have been “more on the nose” and what you might have expected! This shot, taken at last Summer’s “Nidderdale Show,” does something for me, I really like it. I don’t know why, I think maybe it’s that glimpse into another person’s life as they, for a fraction of a second, connect to me with the camera. The natural light captures their emotion, in this case the farmer’s pride. It’s a candid shot, it’s not art, it’s just a snapshot, but in it we see as in all photographs a moment of a person’s life caught in time.

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Reclaiming the Ancient Tradition of Tree Wrapping by Jan Johnsen

Our modern insulated lifestyle with its technological advances has diminished our contact with the earth and we are now virtually cast adrift, isolated from the strength and resilience that trees can offer us. We spend such little time amongst these grand woody beings that we have lost – unknowingly – an important stabilizing and grounding anchor for our psyche. This changes once we remember to honor the energy that trees emanate. The Zen master, T. D. Suzuki, wrote in his book, Zen and Japanese Culture “Every old tree of any sort inspires a beholder with a mystic feeling which leads him to a faraway world of timeless eternity.”

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Paranormal Encounters with Brenda McGee

Brenda McGee is the host of the cable TV show Paranormal Encounters with Brenda McGee, where she interviews a variety of guests from psychics to investigators, to those who have experienced hauntings and other paranormal activity. With over thirty episodes (video) under her belt now, recent guests have included channel Roland Comtois, psychic Karmle Conrad, medium Andrew Dee and more.

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The Fear of Action by Tim Walter

The fear of action is the sort of fear that paralyses a rabbit in the headlights. That’s an image we are familiar with. There is also the physiological effect of fear in humans that swamps the brain to such an extent that the person simply cannot react in an emergency and we are literally stunned into inaction. People freeze in terror. It’s common for those unfortunates caught in disastrous accidents like stricken ships to simply be unable to move, even when shouted at and slapped to “bring them round.” Lesser fear can paralyze us into inaction in daily life too….

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Communing With Nature Spirits by Craig Junjulas

| by Craig Junjulas

Nature spirits are an evolutionary line within the Deva system. They develop in a similar fashion to the human stream, but are much more involved with becoming one with their environment, rather that experiencing an existence within an environment that is perceived as separate from them. Elemental beings and their more evolved nature spirits, such as fairies, inhabit and co-create within the four elements of earth (gnomes), water (undines), air (sylphs) and fire (salamanders). I consider ether to be the fifth element.”

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