Visions of the Future

Several years ago I had a vision of the future that transformed my life and helped me to determine what new career path to pursue. Leading into that moment was the fact that, at the age of 40, after years of working in computers, I was back at school. I was an adult returnee in my “senior” year at college and my three most favorite professors had each approached me about entering into their field of expertise: Asian Studies, the School of Journalism, and Psychology. What a wonderful compliment! — each thought that I would excel in their profession and offered me mentoring, contacts and references for further graduate work. I was both flattered and immobilized with indecision, completely unable to settle down and make a choice. I felt passionately about each field (and loved my teachers!) and thought each held great appeal.

My saving grace came in the form of meditation, something I had begun practicing just a few years before. One afternoon I decided to meditate on the question of which field to choose and, as soon as I relaxed, I got an immediate response. In my minds-eye I saw myself answering questions from a reporter about US-China relations and I understood that I was the “go to” person for knowledge and a quote about foreign affairs with Asia. I felt good in this scenario: confident, authoritative, and briskly efficient.

As soon as I registered those emotions I felt myself swoop down into the second part of my vision. There I saw myself as an extremely old and vibrant witch of a woman, discussing mental health with a few professionals — specifically how the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, or DSM IX or X, had to be rewritten to incorporate our new understanding of multi-dimensional realities. At the time I believe the DSM edition was only up to III, so I knew this was far in the future. In the vision I was extremely happy and alert, engaged and laughing with my peers. I felt wonderful and once again, as soon as I registered those emotions, I felt myself come awake and snap out of my meditative trance.

Several things were clear to me in that moment. I had a sense of awe and gratitude for the clarity of the visions. I wondered why I hadn’t seen anything about journalism and then I sensed that writing would be a part of any future that I chose. I felt a deep inner “knowing” and made my choice in an instant, going with the greater happiness I experienced as the old woman discussing multi-dimenional reality and its affect on mental health, over the more intellectual gratification of being an Asian affairs pundit. Foregoing further graduate work (and debt), I focused on psychotherapy and finished getting certified in hypnosis, or hypnotherapy as my vocation. That vision and that decision served me well for several years.

Now, as I reach another decision point (or two, or three) I remember the tool of meditation and how easy it is to tap into transformative experiences and possible future scenarios. I know how important it is to pay attention to emotion, or how each choice feels. And finally, I know that there are no bad choices, only different visions.

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When Scientists Have Mystical Experiences

| by Staff

What happens when a scientist has a spiritual experience? When the skeptic has his or her eyes opened? When the rational comes up against the seemingly irrational? Lately we’ve been reading serious accounts of just these events. Our favorite new website is . Originally created by Charles Tart, the website has become a real resource and a treasure house of true stories of scientist’s mystical experiences. The stories are fascinating and many readers who have had similar experiences will recognise the details of the events recounted.

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The God Search is Over by Don Mordasini

| by Don Mordasini

Imagine for a moment you are hurtling through space at 30,000 miles an hour. You look out a window and see a sliver of the moon, planets, stars, and in the distance earth. You are completely surrounded by a dark emptiness punctuated by these celestial bodies…. You gaze out the window again and you realize the tiniest speck of matter, let alone the earth, the sun, the celestial bodies, everything you see, is being sustained by something more than chance. You intuit that the cosmos is in harmony. Some unknown intelligence is orchestrating the universe.

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My Transformative Experience by Steve Thomson

| by Staff

I have always approached my spiritual path from a place of a need for taking some kind of physical action. I believe this force within me comes from the hyper level of psychic ability that I was born with in this lifetime. Along with this comes from an undeniable inner-force within me that seems to demand that I go about my journey in a physical way. I feel the pull of spiritual energy embodied in people and places. The speculative and intellectual parts of the spiritual path have always held a secondary place to taking some kind of action. This does not mean that I am not well educated and well read as a spiritual man. I am. Yet, there has always been a physical demand, the need to take action in some meaningful way that has been the light on my path.

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My Awakening – A Transformative Experience by Jocelyn Graef

| by Jocelyn Graef

Jocelyn Graef writes of her transformative experience, “Awakening to my call came in the form of a commitment. I was fourteen and had recently arrived home from school to find the house blissfully empty. This meant that I could have the TV all to myself and relax and eat something. Having skipped lunch as usual, I made several peanut butter sandwiches and plunked myself down in front of the television. I even remember I was watching the Merv Griffin show. For those of you who are old enough to remember his show, you know it was very, very funny. Hardly the stuff of spiritual awakening….”

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Changing Lives: Sharing Our Transformative Experiences

A few weeks ago I wrote about a New York Times interview with Barbara Ehrenreich, author of several books including “Nickel and Dimed.” The interview focused on her most recent book, “Living With a Wild God,” a memoir detailing the author’s transformative experiences when she was in her teens. Having had numerous experiences myself, I found that her account caught my interest. In the last few years I have noted an increase in the number of people stepping forward to tell their sometimes other-worldly stories of wonder, enlightenment, and awe…

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