Mysterious Realities by Robert Moss

I have enjoyed and benefited from all of Robert Moss’ books over the years, but Mysterious Realities: A Dream Traveler’s Tales from the Imaginal Realm may be my new favorite. This collection of “just so stories,” as the author calls it, is fresh, intimate, and surprisingly topical. If you’re like me and find these current times murky, dense, and difficult to navigate, you need this book.

Moss, the creator of Active Dreaming, is a master at walking between worlds and taking us with him. This collection of dream tales (his own and other’s) open new portals for the reader to worlds of myth and magic, imagination and synchronicity. If you’re familiar with active or lucid dreaming, this will take you to the next level – if you’re not, this will initiate you and turn you into an eager student at “night school.” I believe the very act of reading the book will jump start the process, and send you on your journey beyond time through parallel worlds and lives.  And the teachers! The gods and goddesses, totem animals and real spirits that may show up to guide or teach you are indeed, wonderful and mysterious.

Pay special attention to the stories about breaking through and dreaming in these turbulent, dense times. If it seems more important than ever now to create the world we want, then to do that we have to first dream it. I believe Mysterious Realities is the roadmap to those realms where the real work gets done.

Robert Moss gives lectures and leads workshops all over the world. You can visit his website at

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Reports from the Other Side: Geraldine Cummins and F.W.H. Myers by Robert Moss

| by Robert Moss

“She came from the same Anglo-Irish milieu as William Butler Yeats, and wrote two plays that were performed at his beloved Abbey Theatre. Her mentor was the famous Irish medium Hester Dowden, said to have been the model for the psychic in Yeats’ spirited one-act play The Words Upon the Window-Pane. When she started practicing as a psychic medium, Yeats was one of the first people to consult her. Her name was Geraldine Cummins, and her life story as author, suffragette, medium and possible secret agent during World War II, is quite fascinating.”

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Merlian News Podcasts with Robert Moss About Coincidences & Synchronicities

| by Merlian News

Robert Moss, a lifelong dream explorer who survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanic techniques for empowerment and healing. He is a former university professor of ancient history at the Australian National University, also a bestselling novelist, shamanic counselor, and the author of five books on dreaming. Robert gives lectures and leads workshops all over the world. You can visit his website at

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Action This Day: A Dreamer’s Wish For the New Year

Robert Moss writes, “I have just received the best ever dreamer’s wish for the New Year. It comes from Virginie Pols, a wonderfully gifted dreamer, artist and teacher of Active Dreaming in Switzerland. She offers it in both French and English: Que cette année, nous soyons dignes de nos plus grands reves! This year, may we be worthy of our biggest dreams! I love this because it reminds us that dreams require action. If we do not take action to honor and embody our biggest dreams in our lives, they may fly away. To lose a big dream is a sad thing. It can even amount to losing a vital piece of our soul…”

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