Super Qi Summit at Omega May 24-27

Study with modern day qigong masters in the Super Qi Summit, May 24-27, featuring Ken Cohen, Lorelei Chang, Lorie Eve Decher, and more. This special summit brings together modern masters with profound expertise in cultivating yin/yang harmony. Each presenter shares practices and insights to help you experience more joy, freedom, and balance in your life.

Through simple movements, guided visualizations, breathing exercises, and playful partner practices, complemented by inspiring lectures, discussions, and group healing sessions, you come away with stronger, clearer energy, and a much deeper understanding of how to balance your own qi so you can be more present and vibrant in all your relationships.

These energy balancing practices require no equipment or previous experience and can be done by anyone in any physical condition. Anyone who wants to experience enhanced life energy, well-being, and improved relationships is welcome. Advanced students and teachers of qigong and taiji benefit from a fresh perspective.

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