109-Year Old Raw Foodist Bernardo LaPallo

Bernardo LaPalloRaw foodist and author Bernardo LaPallo just celebrated his 109th birthday on August 17, 2010. Bernardo looks younger than most people in their 70s and 80s.

109 years old; Putting that into perspective:

Birth year: 1901 Bernardo was born before Lou Gehrig, Charles Lindbergh, Bob Hope, George Orwell… and 13 years before World War I.

Please note that he is not a 100% raw foodist and still consumes fish along with some other basic grocery store foods. However, the bulk of his diet is fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Bernardo swears by blueberries, cantelope, and greens…

He says drinking enough proper water daily has him feeling better than he has since he was 50.

He is an advocate of using olive oil on his skin every single day as one of his “youthening” rituals. As you can see in the video interviews, he has little to no wrinkles and his complextion is completely clear.

He is very active and just as aware as the rest of us. He walks a mile and a half every morning, without the aide of a walker or cane. His brain is firing away, he is passionate and energetic.

Bernardo is the author of a recent book about health and longevity called Age Less, Live More. In addition, he is actively pursued as a consultant by those wishing to maintain their own high levels of health from around the world. He gives lectures and does interviews quite often. On top of releasing another book, he wants to open up a raw food -American food hybrid restaurant in his town of Mesa. He also has a blog: www.agelesslivemorestore.com.

An excerpt from Chapter 2 of his book, Age Less, Live More:

“There seems to be a tendency, as we age, to spend more and more time watching, and less time doing. We adopt a favorite chair, placed just so in front of the television set, and feel that there is nothing better than spending our time parked in that familiar spot, not thinking, but just absorbing and being entertained. I’ve never quite understood why this is so-I know it seems natural, but there is nothing natural about it.

It seems a little like the story of the frog: If a frog is dropped in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But, if the frog is placed into a pot of cool water, and then the stove is turned on, the water will heat so gradually that the frog will just sit there, happy and oblivious.

The stiffness of old age, and the mental rigidity that can accompany it silently creep up behind us and , like the frog, we remain oblivious…It’s at this point that a person might scratch their head and say, “How did this happen?”

What’s needed is an understanding that we can’t live on autopilot and still have a vital life. There are things that will prevent these scourges of age, but only if we are willing to do something everyday to stop them.”

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In 1906, at the tender age of five, Bernando LaPallo began to learn the secrets of long life and optimum health from his father, a Brazilian-born doctor and herbalist. He was patiently taught the importance of proper nutrition, the wisdom of movement and exercise, and the profound value of faith. It was the start of a remarkable journey- a life that has spanned 107 years without disease or any of the other afflictions so prevalent in today's aging population. After passing along his father's wisdom to his children and grandchildren, with the same amazing results, Bernando decided that it is time to share his formula for health and longevity with the world; this book is a result of that desire. Join Bernando on an outstanding journey as he opens the doors to a new way of living, unhindered by stress and sickness, and shows how to add not just years to your life, but life to your years!