An Interview with Dowser Patrick Aesteii – A Modern Day Merlin

Merlian News: Patrick you are a professional dowser. What do today’s modern dowsers do?

Patrick: Dowsers study the art of psychic location. Nowadays, you use your intuitive powers to find a person, place or thing.

Merlian News: That sounds like what remote viewers do. What is the difference?

A simple copper wire rod is good for surface dowsing and divinationPatrick: Dowsers use a code or signal that is sent through the automatic reflex system from a higher part of their spirit to communicate to them the location of objects. Remote Viewers use clairvoyant images to give them clues about the location of their target.

Merlian News: It sounds like the same process running through different circuits of energy within the body. Is dowsing easier than remote viewing?

Patrick: Yes it is. Many dowsers receive clairvoyant images of what they are looking for, while others do not. I believe a lot more people are hard wired to dowse. Clairvoyants are like artists. They are a small percentage of the population with a wonderful talent. I view dowsing skills as a type of God given birthright that all souls have been given.

Merlian News: What is your background in dowsing?

Patrick: Both of my grandfathers were dowsers. They were mostly called in to find underground sources of water or broken electric cables or gas pipes that were buried and needed to be repaired. When I was in my teens I met some very famous old mediums who taught me to dowse for gold, crystals, and spirits.

Merlian News: Can you dowse spirits?

Patrick: Sure you can and you can find good places to photograph them!

Apparition of female spirit manifested by Patrick’s physical mediumship after he dowsed her location

Merlian News: What did you do with your newly acquired dowsing skills?

Patrick: I became a crystal miner in Mt. Ida, Arkansas and brought the really beautiful crystals I dowsed for to the big cities in Texas. I was asked by an independent West Texas Oil Company to help their wildcatter’s locate oil deposits. My success in dowsing and predicting future events brought me the opportunity to travel to Russia to look for oil and gold and study Russian psychic development programs and equipment. While in Russian Tibet and Tungusta I became quite involved in Psychic Archaeology and UFO investigations.

***image1***Merlian News: So Patrick, in addition to Oil, Diamonds and Missing Persons, I understand you have dowsed for Gold with some success in the past?

Patrick: Laughter! Yes I have! But it took 14 years to realize! Back in 1991 I was looking for an discovered a new gem stone in Russia called Seraphinite. After my discovery I was asked by the largest gold mining company in Russian Tibet to locate more gold deposits on maps and in the field. At that time back in the early 90’s, the Russian government was giving miners just ten U.S. dollars an ounce for gold.

So the new deposits I dowsed lied fallow for over 14years. Now in 2004 the Russian mining laws have changed for the benefit of miners and it is estimated the Gold Field I dowsed will yield between 50 million and 70 million metric tons of pure gold according to the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

Merlian News: Do you still have contact with the mine over there?

Patrick: Yes in addition to my Saving Lake Baikal Project I am helping the Miners locate and transport equipment that is earth friendly to the Gold Mine. There are links on my site to the water factory and more information on the mine. ***image2***Merlian News: What Spiritual goals have you set for self in regards to the region of Russian Tibet?

Patrick: I want spiritual people from all over the world to visit the place Lao Tzu called Shabhalla and walk the silk road caravan routes of the Magi, so they might see for themselves that above the yang earth chakra of the Himalayas lies the golden crown chakra of the Maha Guru.

If any abundance might come to me from my discoveries I wish it to be used to create a school for Indigo Children at the far northern Tibetan Monastery on the east shore of lake Baikal. I believe this Shambhalla gold holds special conscious raising properties that should be shared with children of the light all over the world. I am thinking about creating a coin to honor Tibetan Culture made from these special deposits.

Merlian News: How is dowsing changing in the 21st century?

Patrick: I find dowsing becoming more of a science like remote viewing. I spend more time teaching how dowsing can speed internet searches in the information age than I do dowsing maps in a tent in Mongolia. I also see devices that work a lot like lie detector machines that are now helping dowsers get really strong signals. Although the best dowsing instrument will always be the human body.

Merlian News: What tools does one use to dowse?

Patrick: Pendulums, that can be as simple as a needle and thread or metal coat hangers that make really good swivel dowsing rods.

Merlian News: Dowsing is not an expensive venture!?

Patrick uses a variety of dowsing tools including hoopsPatrick: No it does not have to be. Let me put it this way, you have to be pretty good at dowsing before fancy equipment is going to help you more than knowledge and experience.

Merlian News: Thanks for sharing Patrick! From time to time will you share some more information on dowsing with us?

Patrick: I would really enjoy that!

Patrick’s gifts help his clients overcome any obstacle. He lectures, teaches, and consults on a wide variety of topics that range from intuitive life goal coaching to back engineering future inventions.

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by Merlian News
As a modern 21st century dowser who keeps this ancient art alive, Patrick Aesteii explains to Merlian News how the process has developed today, how he first came into it and how such a process is viewed through the mind of a master intuitive.