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Note from the editors: As the crisis in Japan continues and worsens with each aftershock, we must keep all those affected in our hearts and thoughts. We ask that everyone continue to send them light. If you still wish to help fiscally, please see Relief Efforts For The Victims In Japan by Merlian News for links and opportunities to donate to ongoing relief efforts.

Forsynthias - Photograph by Dena Ventrudo

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Wellbeing & Healing April is Autism Awareness Month: How Superbrain Yoga® Can Help by Dena Ventrudo Please note, “One out of everyone hundred children born are diagnosed with Autism. That means that out of the 4 million children born in the U.S. every year, approximately 40,000 will eventually be diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder. This dramatic rise in Autism has given way to its own month of awareness in April. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior …”

Consciousness Wisdom University: A Global Learning Community Dedicated To Catalyzing Personal and Professional Transformation Wisdom University explains, “In contradistinction with most other universities, which insist either on keeping one’s spirituality out of the classroom or insist on a particular sectarian position to which students must adhere, Wisdom University catalyzes deep spiritual and personal transformation within the framework of providing graduate degrees, honoring the integrity and uniqueness of each and every student. We are motivated to provide learning opportunities so that you can become more authentically you while at the same time granting you degrees that enhance your professional credibility.”

People Mary T. Newport M.D.: Alzheimer’s Reversal with Coconut Oil According to coconutketones.com, “Dr. Newport has written an article, What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and No One Knew? relaying her family’s experience with this disease and her research into a dietary intervention that may benefit persons with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. She is currently working on a book, tentatively titled, What If There Was a Cure…And No One Knew? … Dr. Newport is employed by the All Children’s Specialty Physicians group, who provide newborn services to Spring Hill Regional Hospital. She is also volunteer clinical faculty for the Department of Pediatrics, University of South Florida since January 2004…”

Merryn’s Musings My Holistic Map & Watkins Books by Merryn Jose

Merryn Jose recounts, “I had spent many hours and many days enjoying the atmosphere in Watkins Books when I lived in London. The new website offers a “Spiritual Map” of London, that anyone can contribute to. In that spirit, I would like to add to my sort of “Spiritual Map” of what the internet has to offer: locally, throughout the U.S. and abroad.”

Wellbeing & Healing Ayurvedic Dairy Free Diets by Charlotte Jernigan

Charlotte Jernigan explains, “Ayurveda discourages consumption of dairy products for those who are allergic to them and those with aggravated KAPHA DOSHA (body chemistry) and the associated imbalances of phlegm in the stomach or lungs, sinitus, asthma, cold, cough, flu, lymphatic congestion, edema, fibro-cystic breasts, cystic ovaries, etc. For ALL, dairy intake should be avoided or reduced during cloudy, rainy or snowy weather, or after the sun has set, when the following “TAMASIC” qualities are dominant in the environment: cool, damp, dark, still, quiet, slow or stagnant.”

Wellbeing & Healing The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center with Dr. Sir Gabriel Cousens M.D. Treeoflife.nu says, “The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is one of the world’s largest cross-cultural, vegan live-food, residential guest and student center which serves as a spiritual sanctuary, eco-retreat, vegan lifestyle educational campus and holistic medical spa. The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center supports people in creating an experiential foundation in full-bodied awakened living…People from more than 103 nations have come to The Tree of Life for inspiration, a relaxing vegan vacation, or to regain health and vitality from a variety of diseases. It is here under the shade of our tree that they are rediscovering a life of meaning.”

Meditation Active Meditation: A Technique of the Future by Eliza Mada Dalian

Eliza Mada writes, “…Active Meditation is an evolutionary process of releasing our stress and pent up emotions from the body while simultaneously being engaged in witnessing and dis-identifying from our thoughts and emotions. There are several evolutionary Active Meditation techniques devised by the Indian mystic Osho for the contemporary man and woman. They have been practiced by millions of people around the globe since the mid 1970’s with outstanding results. These meditation techniques aid the modern-day seeker to experience inner silence and stillness a lot faster than what can be achieved through a long practice of passive sitting…”

Consciousness Purpose of Life by Jocelyn Graef: Part 4 of Great Awakening Jocelyn Graef teaches, “From biggest perspective, the purpose of life is to carry you forward on your great journey home, your final merging once again with the source whence you come. We will use very simple analogy here to explain this journey. It is as though God is great ball of light, like sun, shooting sparks. Each spark that is shooting out is becoming individualized being —whether rock or star or tree or human and so on. Each spark, each being, is containing within its essence the life force that is God…”

Consciousness Cultivating Certainty: During Significant Transformational Times by Triza Schultz Triza Schultz blogs, “The butterfly has long been a symbol of transformation by indigenous people around the world because of its dramatic stages of metamorphosis from a slow crawling caterpillar into a luminously flying creature. It symbolizes the change that must occur for its complete value fulfillment. Being a part of nature, we can see ourselves within the labor for freedom of flight on many levels… This is a spiritual evolution for the most basic truths of life, which of course, will rock political and religious suppression because it must…”

Environmental Awareness Cultivating a ‘Stop-Time’ Moment in a Garden By Jan Johnsen

Jan Johnsen asks, “Have you ever experienced a moment when the wafting fragrance of flower blossoms captured your attention and lifted you away? Or when the birdsong around you was louder than the chatter in your head? This exquisite moment of stillness or what I call, ‘stop time’, can occur anywhere and anytime: while you bask in the warm morning sun, while gardening or while hurrying to your car! At these times, you may have paused and looked around, drunk in the fragrant air and felt an abiding connection, for a brief instance, to everything around you.”


Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox


Matthew Fox was a member of the Dominican Order for 34 years. He holds a doctorate in the History and Theology of Spirituality. Matthew is the founder and former president of the University of Creation Spirituality. He is currently a scholar in residence with the Academy for the Love of Learning. Matthew lectures, teaches, writes and serves as president of the nonprofit he created in 1984, Friends of Creation Spirituality. He is the author of 28 books. Fox’s books have received numerous awards and he is recipient of the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award of which other recipients have included the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa and Rosa Parks. Fox believes that by “reinventing work, education and worship we can bring about a non-violent revolution on our planet” and has committed himself to this vision for many years.

The review of his book, THE HIDDEN SPIRITUALITY OF MEN: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine , as well as the podcast can be found on MerlianNews.com .

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