Ascension: Elevating the Harmonics of Life by Gene Krackehl

Ascension: Elevating the Harmonics of Life by Gene KrackehlMerryn: Today we’re featuring Gene Krackehl’s New CD.

Merryn: Gene, Please tell us about your new CD.

Gene: This is my third album and it’s called Ascension: Elevating the Harmonics of Life.

Merryn: What was the motivation behind this CD?

Gene: 2012 is approaching and we are all currently facing the most crucial decisions of our existence. Presented with the choice of continuing our present destructive, downward spiral or instead choosing to raise our collective frequencies and consciousness, elevating our spirituality, overcoming our human nature, healing our relationships with each other and in doing so, our planet as well.

Merryn: How is this one different from your last CD?

Gene: My last album, A Healing Journey: Words, Music & Sounds to Help You to Heal consists of eight musical pieces, each preceded by a brief guided visualization in order to direct the listener’s attention to a specific part of their life. It also ties into the Chakra System of the person using the keys and notes which correspond to each chakra. It also uses the music to evoke the emotions associated with each chakra. It was created with the intention of helping people release their emotional pain–just by listening!

My latest album is 9 tracks of all music, and takes over where the last one left off.

Merryn: How were you inspired to create it?

Gene: The melodies were channeled through me emanating from a place that I can only describe as a divine source, which I then orchestrated and performed myself.

Merryn: How did you go about composing the music?

Gene: I had never done composing before I started producing these CD’s. I actually heard the music in my head so as this was happening, I’d immediately record the melodies on the piano before I forgot them. I would then orchestrate the melodies introducing other instruments at the appropriate times. It’s a creative endeavor which is bringing my life full-circle from my old life as a lead guitarist in rock groups back in the ‘60s.

Merryn: Do you play piano well?

Not as well as I would like to. My fingers don’t often cooperate. I took lessons for a few years when I was a child but never really learned to read sheet music very well. I mostly played by ear. I’m continually getting better as I teach myself whatever I need to learn in order to complete each CD. It sometimes takes me a hundred tries before I get just one bar of music the way I want it. The problem for me is, as soon as it’s recorded I forget how to play it. It may be part of the channeling process.

Gene KrackehlMerryn: What is the best way to use the CD?

Gene: Most benefits will be derived while listening in a meditative state. The titles of the songs might suggest where your journey could take you. To give you a hint, the name of the first track is called “Crossing Over.”

Merryn: How can people go about ordering it?

Gene: The fastest and most inexpensive way is to order it from my website: and you can also hear sample tracks before buying. If you’re outside the U.S. you can order the CD from and also download it and my other albums in MP3 format from iTunes.

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by Gene Krackehl
Gene Krackehl is a certified Hands-on Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, and Ordained Interfaith Minister who has been performing energy work (distance and hands-on) his whole life. In addition to being at the Center for Health & Healing, he has his own healing practice in Katonah collaborating with therapists, hospitals, physicians and other health care professionals on a wide range of clients and conditions. Gene has lectured extensively at organizations, corporations and hospitals.