Ask Li Chen: Do Trees Communicate?

Q: Li Chen, do trees communicate?

A: Dear One, all life communicates in ways most mysterious and glorious. In the spirit of your question, yes, trees do communicate very specifically with each other. When one is in tune, one can also receive communication from trees, though this is rare.

It is not as though trees are inhabited by spirits in order to communicate. It is the ability for each tree — as it is for humans and animals and other life forms — to speak to each other in very observable ways. That said, a tree may be inhabited by what was once called Dryad or tree nymph. This is apart from every tree possessing its own consciousness with its own system of communication belonging to all trees.

When trees are communicating, they do so through both the root system, subterraneously, as well as through the leaves and branches whispering in the wind. A language almost within the realm of human understanding, but not quite.

In order to understand the language or messages of trees, one must become very slow in the energy. Breathe deeply, slow the vibration way down and tune into the tree. Be still and put yourself into the mode of receiving. The trees will not always respond, so do not despair if you are not receiving a message every time. Let your attempts be effortless.

Trees have personalities as people do. They are often mistrusting humans. This is understandable. Be a persistent and loving presence. Always have a loving approach when you are communicating with these magnificent beings. They possess great wisdom, are reflections of universal truths. Unlock the secrets of the trees and your life will blossom.

Understand, too, Dear One, that trees are not unique in this regard. It is precisely by becoming slow, by matching the vibratory rate of the plant that humans have divined medicinal systems. The plants themselves have imparted the teachings they hold. There have been those who were wise enough and close enough to the breathing earth to perceive the innate wisdom of all things and have learned, very simply, to communicate.

Whether you wish to learn from trees, rocks, flowers, shrubs, animals or earth spirits, this is easy enough when you dedicate yourself to the process.

Find a place away from the distractions of humanity where you can be quiet in nature. By the way, this and this alone has a profoundly healing effect on the human body, mind and emotion. In this silence, divine the rhythm that thrums around you. Allow yourself to become part of that rhythm.

When you are of the same vibration then bring your focus to that which you wish to communicate with. Be in a silent accord with that tree, or flower, or shrub or rock. At this point, you can form a question, or send an honoring appreciation, or ask for wisdom. It is in waiting patiently in the silent energy that the response will be given.

Practice this often, Dear Ones, for it is to your benefit.

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