Be a Co-creator in the New Year by Stephen Thomson

A year has just ended and as with the beginning of each New Year, a new cycle of universal energy manifests on our planet. At midnight on December 31st, this influx of energy represents the ever-changing Divine consciousness behind all creation on the earth plane. The fresh start to the year represents a new flavor of energy that manifests and support the evolution of our soul. It is the backdrop behind everything we will experience during the months to come. The new energy brings gifts of life and is to use for our journey during the year. This is another opportunity to play out and experience all that we are, incarnate at this time in the evolution of our world.

The year 2008 vibrates with the number one. In Numerology, when the vibration of one is present, it is a very important time of new beginnings. In our personal lives we invent beginnings and endings; they give our lives a sense of time and space. With the one energy comes a lot of personal thinking about who were are, what we are feeling and want. During this period seeds will be planted that we tend, nourish and grow. This is done by our conscious and unconscious actions. Also, there are the impulses and voice of our higher-self speaking to us, clearer in this cycle than many others. We all receive direction from the deepest part of us, the soul voice, about what we need to do to move our lives forward as spiritual beings.

For all of us, the biggest obstacle we face in our journey is our body, aligned with the physical senses. This is the battle ground for all of us, especially when it comes to inertia. Our progress is dependent on our ability to wrestle control of our lives from the sense nature of our being. We are all familiar with the whole range of challenges that comes with demands of the body. Our job is to cleanse and harmonize ourselves of anything that creates a distraction and takes away our sense of peace. This can be a whole range of things from the things we eat and drink, too much noise or the dramas we create. With quieting of the body and senses, we automatically receive many new spiritual opportunities.

We can start this year differently by creating a list of resolutions for the New Year that has only Spiritual goals. Remember, expanding our soul consciousness, deepening our connection with the Divine from a body-based experience is what the earth journey is all about. This exercise takes the place of mundane concerns like loosing weight or stopping some habit. Although this may seem foreign or strange, why shouldn’t we apply the same methods and techniques we use in our material life to our spiritual journey? After all, we are here to experience a spiritual life and our personal truth. And we can make a plan for this too. It’s not just about our material worth and experience.

Think about the need to commit some time each day to consciously moving from the outer to inner world. One way of doing this is to include a period of meditation in our daily routine. This practice clears our minds and harmonizes and heals our bodies. When we enter into a deep state of meditation, our soul has direct access to the Divine energy. We can attune with forces and sources far greater than anything we can know in the physical world. Contact with the Cosmic Masters is not uncommon. The healing of soul and body are guaranteed.

The New Year is a great time to assess how we have grown in our spiritual consciousness. Our soul-based motivation is for a deeper connection to our Spiritual path. Only we can answer the deep personal questions that come from the mind-soul connection. Are we listening to the voice of our higher-self, the spiritual pace maker in our consciousness? Are the spiritual practices we observe being honored in our daily life? Or are we approaching our spiritual work from an intellectual and abstract place. Do we practice our beliefs? As we look at our lives, are we becoming the personal we aspire to be?

Here are a few suggestions to get started on a List of Spiritual Resolutions for 2008. You may want to create a list and use it as the basis working in your journal, along with some plan for action.

I want to plan time each day/week to devote to spiritual practices/study.

I want to live my truth as a spiritual person.

I want to expand my intuitive abilities.

I want to simplify my life.

I want take at least one class or do one retreat during the year.

Notice the use of the word want, rather than need.

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