Carole Wilbourn: Author & Cat Therapist, Hailed as “The Founding Mother of Cat Psychology”

A cat therapist forever, Carole has published 5 books on cat psychotherapy, and logged more than 100,000 miles making house calls to patients throughout the world. Hailed as “the founding mother of cat psychology”, she cofounded The Cat Practice, the first veterinary hospital in New York City exclusively devoted to cat care in 1973. Over the years, Carole has consulted with veterinarians to devise treatment programs for cats with psychological and emotional disorders. From this emerged ‘The Wilbourn Way’ – logical, easily implemented methods of preventing and/or correcting common feline emotional problems.

Also known as ‘the Kitty Freud’, Carole wrote a monthly column, Cats on the Couch, for “Cat Fancy” magazine for 16 years, and is currently a columnist for In Defense of Animals, . She gives seminars at The Open Center and 92nd Street Y in Manhattan as well as The Learning Annex in Toronto. In addition, Carole is a staff consultant and sees clients at Westside Veterinary Center in New York City.

Carole serves on the board of the Humane Society of New York and resides with her cat, Diana-Moon-Dust in Greenwich Village.

Carole consults with her clients by telephone and travels for in-home visits around North America. Touring regularly for seminars and speaking engagements, Carole will gladly work in-home consultations into her travels. To see if she is visiting your area soon, check her website at .

Carole is also available for appointments at Westside Veterinary Center in New York City.

Telephone Consultations

A structured question-and-answer therapy session typically lasting 45 minutes, depending on the problem. Having diagnosed the problem, Carole provides you with a treatment plan and suggests a prognosis for your situation. Carole has been successfully helping cats and their guardians with this technique for many years.

In-Home Consultations

Years of in-person experience with tens of thousands of cat behavior situations means that Carole is finely attuned to how cats behave in their natural environment, making an in-home consultation Carole’s most highly effective service. Typically a single, one hour visit and therapy session is sufficient for curing the problems of one or two cats and their guardians.

Seminars + Guest Speaking

A well-known entertaining speaker, Carole has spoken to both professional and non-professional cat care givers at veterinary schools, animal hospitals and shelters, cat shows, fund raisers, learning sessions, seminars, colleges, libraries, luncheons and parties. Carole has trained veterinary assistants and care givers as well as first-time and experienced cat guardians, offering new sensitivity and insight into the feline mind, body and spirit.

Select Television Appearances:

20/20, ABC, PBS, “Nature: Extraordinary Cats” EyeWitness News Prime Time, Regis & Kathie Lee, Entertainment TV’s “The Gastineau Girls”, Animal Planet’s “Most Extreme” Series, Access Hollywood, Japanese Television’s “Pet Encyclopedia”

Select Radio Shows:

National Public Radio, “The Leonard Lopate Show”, Radio Canada, BBC, Radio Australia

Select Media:

The New Yorker, Talk of the Town

New York Times, Sunday Styles

National Geographic: Cats, Nature’s Masterwork

Montreal Gazette, Feature article

The National Post (Canada), The Cat Whisperer

The New York Daily News

The Chicago Tribune

The London Daily Mail


The Total Cat, Harper Resources/Quill

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Coward, McCann & Geoghegan

*A portion of the proceeds of The Total Cat benefits the animals of the Humane Society of New York

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by Carole Wilbourn
*Inter-Cat Hostility* “My two cats never had a peaceful day together... until Carole Wilbourn paid us a visit. Now they sleep side by side.” J.D., Boston, Massachusetts*Destructive Behavior* “Our cats no longer wreak havoc with our sofa and drapes. The Wilbourn Way really worked with them. And it was so simple.” V.N., Lake Charles, Louisiana *Matching Your Cat’s “Catsonality”* “Carole is incredibly insightful and sensitive. With her advice, we were able to pick out a dog with just the right temperament for our cat.” M.M., Anchorage, Alaska