Chiron: Healing Themes in Astrology by Madeline Adams

***image1***We each have special gifts to share with the world. Often there are lessons to be learned and experiences to be lived through before we can fully come into our true sense of individuality and empowerment. To have reached this place we need to be living from our soul center.

When we live from the place of our soul self we have a sense of rightness and an innate wisdom that governs our understanding and our actions, a feeling of completeness that transcends our physical reality and our familial and social mores. It is this potential for healing our Body and Soul that is symbolized by the Centaur Chiron.

Discovery of the centaur Chiron

Since 1 November 1977 Astrologers have been working with the planetoid Chiron, which was found orbiting between the planets Saturn and Uranus. Chiron’s symbol is the key. The key to unlock the doors to understanding and healing which incorporates our 3rd dimension reality and the worlds beyond.

Chiron symbolizes a bridge between our personal limitations/earthly lessons/physical body (Saturn) and our unique individuality/divine inspiration/realm of the God/dess (Uranus). He is the link to both, and the key to healing the split between these parts of ourselves.

Saturn relates to the aloneness we feel when we take on responsibility for our selves. Whereas Uranus is the aloneness we feel when we realise that we are different, alien or out of step with those around us.

Chiron carries the key to much of our wounds and suffering and gives us clues to how we can heal not only our personal lives but also the imbalances of our planet. Since the discovery of Chiron there has been a resurgence of ancient wholistic forms of healing, as well as a concern for issues of Ecology and Green politics.

This fits with Chiron’s role as physician and teacher of the mysteries of nature. To heal we need to treat not only our physical body but our soul as well. Healing is then an experience of whole making, incorporating both our instinctual body wisdom and our inspired intuitive God/dess wisdom. A wholeness that contains paradox.

Chironic healing mediums include Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Bach Flowers, Herbalism, Reiki, Psychosynthesis counselling, and Shamanism. Anything that includes the mysteries as well as the physical realm.

The myth of the Centaur Chiron

The myth of the Centaur Chiron describes him as half horse/half man but he was also immortal. Chiron was the son of Saturn and the grandson of Uranus. Chiron was a teacher and mentor to many of the great heroes of the Golden Age — Jason, Hercules and Asclepius. He taught many skills including the healing arts.

His life was that of teacher, mentor and healer. The quest for healing is his theme, but the process involves both growth and change and most often the experience of surrender to that which is most wounded within us.

Our personal wound may seem quite simple and insignificant to others but it has affected our perspective of our place in the world. We may have felt alien, orphaned, different or handicapped, physically or emotionally.

We all have a personal story to tell that had a major effect on the shape our lives have taken. The placement of Chiron in your astrology chart, by house and sign and the aspects it makes to personal planets, tell something of your individual wound, that which has shaped your life. It contains within, the seed of a special gift. A gift that has been hard won from painful experience and has made you into the individual you are now. From that place of greatest suffering our greatest understanding arises.

The first square of Chiron to its natal position is the time in our lives when we first become aware of our personal wound. Because Chiron has a very elliptical orbit, the experience our first Chiron square can be from an age of 5 years — 23 years. An astrologer can calculate this timing for you.

At around 50 years Chiron returns to its original position in the birth chart and it is at this age that we go through something of a healing crisis. We either change or grow into a transformed life after grieving and accepting our personal wound or we stay as we are and excuse ourselves from making the often-painful shift in consciousness that is necessary to move fully into the next phase of life.

Chironic healing

Chironic healing requires that we bring the wound to light to be acknowledged, and integrated into who we are. Acceptance of our woundedness then transforms and enriches our personal story, and can become our personal gift to share with the world. The role of teacher, mentor or healer is possible after this time.

Once we have moved through the experience of our Chiron return at around 50 years, we can look back to see that the pain of grieving our losses and our acceptance of our personal tragedy has moved us into a more compassionate and soul centred experience of life and we are free to live from an authentic wise place within us.

The healing crisis often encountered at the time of the Chiron return, takes us into the Cave or hidden parts of our selves. Illness can provide a space and time to withdraw from everyday life and time to go into Chiron’s cave. This creates a sacred space wherein there can be connection to instinctual wisdom deep within us that can teach and guide us to heal the imbalances that are the root cause of our illness.

We meet with our fears, doubts, failures, pain, sadness and loss and the ways in which we may feel alienated, alone or different. We question cultural norms and expectations. The healing that results comes from a new acceptance of who we are and a letting go of that which will never be. (The loss of the unattainable dream).

The process of healing requires that we give up the unfulfilled dream, let it go, accept its loss and by doing so we move into a new sense of freedom. Freedom to live our own authentic lives from that place of knowing who we are. Knowing that our flaws make us real and our hard won knowledge gives us something meaningful to give back to the world.

This time around 50 years of age coincides with the time of menopause for many women. This is a time when it is natural to want to withdraw from life to allow feelings of sadness to surface and take a new look at what gives meaning to one’s life.

It is only by stepping away from the everyday demands of life that we can take the time to gain a new perspective on the shape our lives have taken and regroup our energies towards the next phase. Could it be that Men-o-pause is asking of us to take a pause from the masculine endeavours of doing and achieving in the outer world?

Through taking time for solitude, to be able to just be and feel and allow the inner voices to be heard. To make room for the paradoxes of life to be acknowledged. If we chose to take this time freely, we could gain a balanced approach to the next phase of our lives and have more to give to others as well as ourselves.

It is my belief that much of the suffering in the world today is as a result of a Soul sickness that manifests on the emotional and physical planes as illness. Healing on a soul level is where Chiron holds the key.

© Madeline Adams, 2004.

As an Intuitive Astrologer, Madeline uses Astrology to provide a guide to awakening each individual to the essence of who they are. It is a language that can be used to map our unique potentials.

Her special interest is in applying Astrology as a healing tool. She sees healing as a process of whole making, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us and reclaiming the lost parts of ourselves.

She emphasises Chiron as the wounded healer, The Moon, Venus and the Asteroids as a rich diversity of feminine energies and The Black Moon as an important psychic point for the natural cycles of creativity.

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by Madeline Adams
Madeline Adams lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She began studying Astrology and Tarot in 1987. In 1989 her travels took her to England where she attended Summer Schools in Astrology. She returned to New Zealand and continued to immerse herself in Psychological Astrology and Psycho synthesis counselling. She later moved to Melbourne, Australia to study Applied Astrology at the Astro~Synthesis School of Astrology.