Contact From Beyond by Gene Krackehl

Contact From Beyond by Gene KrackehlGene Krackehl’s latest c.d., Contact From Beyond, is nine tracks of tranquility. As a vata personality, it typically takes a lot for me to slow it down and focus. Upon listening to the first track (called Inner Light), I felt myself beginning to de-stress and let go.

Each song is beautiful, unique and peaceful, bringing you to a higher place. By the last track, entitled New Beginnings, I was completely grounded and centered. I reconnected to my spirituality and the divine while feeling myself surrounded by love and positivity. It was as though the music created its own ethereal energy field and permeated everything around me.

From those who practice meditation, energy, or healing work to anyone who is looking for soothing sounds to relax and de-stress to, I emphatically recommend this inspirational c.d…

Two thumbs up and 5 stars!

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by Dena Ventrudo
Dena Ventrudo is the Assistant Editor of Merlian News. She is a published poet and creative writer, most recently published in "Trails Through The Greenbelt" by Jack M. Freedman. Dena has a BA in Liberal Studies from SUNY Purchase College but spent time there as a Dramatic Writing, Literature and Women's Studies major. Dena is also an intuitive and has been a practicing pagan for over 10 years.