Conversations With God

The CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD 18 city tour begins in Vancouver, BC on September 5th. You can be the first to see the film in your city by joining me and my good friend Neale Donald Walsch at one of these special advanced screenings. For a full list of cities, dates and tickets please visit

Ten years ago, the “New Thought” community launched the CWG book series which is why we will spend 44 days traveling coast to coast to share the film with our core audience.

Conversations with God is an emotional, mystical, and magical journey that begins with a dark night of the soul and culminates in success, redemption, and reconciliation. The film has several sequences and the last scene of the film in particular will be interpreted entirely subjectively by everyone who sees it. At its core, it is a film that was created to be experienced through the heart.

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD opens in theaters nationwide on October 27th.

To see the trailer please visit

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Stephen SimonThe Spiritual Cinema Circle

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Neale Donald Walsch and Stephen Simon will be at these venues to screen the Conversations with God movie. Tickets are available online at