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This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Wellbeing & Healing Free Healthcare Clinics & The Doctor Oz Show According to the Doctor Oz Show, “An estimated 47 million Americans are without some form of health insurance. Free clinics historically have provided care to those who lack insurance, but have grown in size in recent months. Recently the largest free clinic on record was held in Los Angeles at the Staples Center over several days with thousands of patients served, making national headline news and bringing the problem into public consciousness. That clinic included dental and optometry services, and though hundreds showed up on the first day, Saturday’s event at the Reliant Center exceed any single day attendance anywhere and only offered acute basic primary medical services.” See inside for links to find a free clinic near you.

Wellbeing & Healing Hunger & Poverty in America: How You Can Help reports, “In 2010, children were food insecure at times during the year in 9.8% of households with children (3.9 million households.) In 1% of households with children, one or more of the children experienced the most severe food-insecure condition measured by USDA, very low food security, in which meals were irregular and food intake was below levels considered adequate by caregivers. (Coleman-Jensen 2011, p. vi).” Read more statistics inside as well as where you can donate food to help!

Wellbeing & Healing Irene Zola & Morningside Village by LiLY According to LiLY, “Irene Zola became aware of the indignities the elderly face just a few years ago… Her mother, who was then in her 90s, broke several bones and later suffered a massive stroke. The family agreed to put her in a nursing home, assuming she’d be well cared for. Zola went to check on her mother a few hours after she was admitted to the facility, and was shocked…Zola immediately started making arrangements to have her mother come live with her, but her mother died before that could happen… “I didn’t foresee what was going to happen. And so I decided to do something for all the other people whose daughters and sons don’t know better, and for those who don’t have daughters and sons.” “

Media Evolver: A Social Network For Conscious Collaboration explains, “Evolver is a new social network for conscious collaboration. It provides a platform for individuals, communities, and organizations to discover and share the new tools, initiatives, and ideas that will improve our lives and change the world. Are you an evolver? Evolvers are hope fiends and utopian pragmatists. We see the creative chaos of this time as a great gift and opportunity to rethink, reconnect, and reinvent. Evolvers appreciate pristine mountains, open source economics, and the precocious laughter of small children. Evolvers belong to the regenerative culture of the future, being born here and now.”

Spirituality Apologies To My (Sweet) Body (From A Head-Tripper In Transition) by Jeff Brown Jeff Brown says, “… I am grateful for the so many ways that you kept me going even when my waking consciousness was completely alienated from you. If I had been ruled by my thoughts alone, I would be long dead, bouncing as I was from one heady tree-top to another. But you never failed me, never forgot me, never lost sight of where I really lived. You kept breathing me when I acted against you, when I shamed you, when I disowned you. You kept loving me, calling me back, keeping me afloat until I could meet myself. Such devotion. Deep bows…” Animal World I Am Privileged to Call Carol Buckley My Friend by Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott declares, “I am privileged to call Carol Buckley my friend, and I was also honored to work for several years as the Managing Director of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. After being fired from the Sanctuary in 2010, Carol continues to improve the lives of captive elephants worldwide by founding Elephant Aid International and traveling throughout Asia in her mission of helping one elephant at a time… Carol was and IS one of the few people who are aware of the depths of animal suffering. I watched her for over three years, live, breathe and feel for not only the elephants in her care, but the other elephants still held captive.”

Meditation Transcendental Meditation at the Golden Dome of Fairfield, Iowa

Yahoo! Writes, “The Maharishi School (MS) encompasses Kindergarten through Grade 12. When Oprah Winfrey visited she said, “Some people are working toward raising consciousness but the MS students are living raising consciousness.” …Six-million-plus TM meditators around the world—both the unsung and the celebrated—enjoy the benefits of Maharishi’s TM: health and wealth; dynamic creativity and increased energy; inner peace and happiness—ingredients for world peace…”

Books Gnosis: The Not-So-Secret History of Jesus by Jonathan Talat Phillips Jonathan Talat Phillips tells us, “The Nag Hammadi Library supported the popular theory that Christianity stemmed from the ancient mystery school traditions of the Mediterranean, which featured “dying and resurrecting godmen.” In Egypt they worshipped Horus; in Greece, Dionysus; in Syria, Adonis; in Asia Minor, Attis; in Persia (and later Rome), Mithras; and in Israel, Jesus (historically the most recent). The similarities among these hierophants were uncanny. Several of them, according to the legends, were born around the winter solstice to a virgin in humble surroundings with a star in the Eastern sky…”

Books Prayer by Jocelyn Graef: Part 11 in Great Awakening

Jocelyn Graef writes, “Prayer is essentially like your telephone to spirit. It is one method of speaking to God as well as those dear ones in spirit who perhaps have left the body, or those who serve you from spirit as your guides and guardian angels… Prayer is not just an outpouring to a source outside of you, but also a realigning within you. When you are praying with a deep and soul centered longing for something, you are at same time creating within the ability to partner with the end result. “


Dr. Jude Currivan

Dr. Jude Currivan

“As described in my book, The 8th Chakra , my healing work is at the level of awareness of the 8th chakra of the universal heart and the higher transpersonal levels of perception for which it is an energetic portal.

For many years, as a sensitive, working at the level of the 8th chakra, I offered personal Heart-Centered Soul Healing (HCSH) sessions that enable people to directly experience their own highest guidance to understand the root of old issues (perhaps lifetimes ago) empowering them to heal them at their causative source. To reach and help greater numbers of people, I now offer workshops and courses in the UK and US that teach the universal principles of HCSH at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels to participants who themselves are often healers and therapists…

As our collective Shift of consciousness gathers pace, I work with the same universal principles and transpersonal energies to facilitate collective healing of people and places. Working inclusively and co-creatively with groups and organizations of all sorts around the world, I facilitate the understanding and healing of archetypal and collective issues and schisms at their deepest cause to facilitate sustainable harmony, peace and reconciliation…

In my book CosMos, co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo, we describe the emerging vision of the whole-world where we are both creation and co-creators. I incorporate this integral vision in mentoring and facilitating co-creative processes that focus on understanding the causative basis of situations from the level of higher awareness and working co-creatively to envisage and manifest transformational re-soulutions. I call these events Transforums and their principles can be followed in any circumstance where positive breakthrough is needed.

Although I no longer work with people on a one-on-one basis, my double CD of teachings and attunements aims to support people’s personal healing journeys.”

To learn about Dr. Jude Currivan’s latest book and for other related links, please listen to Merlian News Podcasts with Dr. Jude Currivan On Her New Book, “HOPE — Healing Our People & Earth” .

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