Dr. Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine Clinic at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

“Since its inception, the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine has focused its efforts on three domains: education, clinical care, and research–with the primary emphasis on education.”

Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine


The Center offers a broad range of educational opportunities for healthcare professionals with an interest in learning and practicing the principles of integrative medicine. The majority of the Center’s educational offerings are online, including our flagship program: The Fellowship in Integrative Medicine .

Clinical Care

Andrew Weil, MD Founder & Director, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Jones-Lovell Endowed Chair in Integrative RheumatologyThe Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine has two clinical locations at the University of Arizona, specializing in creating integrative treatment plans for patients with medical conditions ranging from cancer to chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease as well as offering preventive care.

Victoria Maizes, MD Executive Director, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Family and Community Medicine and Public HealthResearch

The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine’s goal is to contribute rigorous scientific research on the integration of complementary and alternative therapies with conventional medicine. They focus on three areas: educational research, corporate health research, and methods to study clinical outcomes in integrative medicine.

Tieraona Low Dog, MD Director of the Fellowship, Clinical Associate Professor of MedicineAccomplishments

Their accomplishments include:

The leading provider of integrative medicine education worldwide Randy Horwitz, MD, PhD Medical Director, Assistant Professor of Clinical MedicineDeveloped the first and most comprehensive academic curriculum in integrative medicine (IM) Trained over 400 Fellows – many of whom are now leaders in the field of IM Alumni hail from all over the world – 45 states are represented, as are Canada, Japan, Korea, Israel, United Arab Patricia Lebensohn, MD Director of Integrative Medicine in Residency, Associate Professor of Clinical Family and Community MedicineEmirates, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Created the first family medicine/IM combined residency in the U.S. Developed the first integrative medicine residency program Their faculty and graduates have contributed to the field by writing the leading textbooks on integrative medicine, Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD (hc) Director of Corporate Health Improvement Program, Clinical Professor of Medicineas well as numerous textbook chapters and articles Co-founded the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for integrative medicine – a consortium of academic centers and their deans from Duke, Harvard and other leading medical schools Iris Bell, MD, PhD Director of Research EducationMission

The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine leads the transformation of healthcare by creating, educating and actively supporting a community that embodies the philosophy and practice of healing-oriented medicine, addressing mind, body and spirit.

Their commitment is to live the values of Integrative Medicine, thus creating a unique model for transforming medicine. (Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine)

Dr. Andrew Weil

On March 1st, 2011 Dr. Weil and fellow integrative medicine physicians Drs. Victoria Maizes, James Nicolai and Russell Greenfield joined Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Dr. Oz ShowDr. Weil appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, March 1st, 2011. On the show, he and fellow integrative medicine physicians Drs. Victoria Maizes, James Nicolai and Russell Greenfield joined up to discuss diet and nutrition, mind-body therapies, herbs and supplements, yoga, massage, and more. Click here to view the video clips.

“Probably the most recognized medical doctor teaching about natural healing methods and the mind-body-spirit connection today, Dr. Weil is a Harvard Medical School graduate. Under his leadership, the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona was created as a two-year fellowship in 1997.

Weil is called “the guru of alternative medicine” on one of the covers of his books. On his website (www.drweil.com), which records over two and a half million hits a month, he is called “America’s most trusted medical expert.” A recent cover of Time Magazine announced that “medicine man Dr. Andrew Weil has made New Age remedies popular.” In the accompanying story, Time tells us that “millions of Americans swear by his medical advice.” He is undoubtedly one of the most important and articulate leaders in the field of health and healing and a pioneer in transforming the current medical view toward one more open to whole person healing.” ( www.healingcancer.info ) To read more, please click here.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine

Program in Integrative Medicine & Clinic–Tucson, AZ

Phone: (520)626-7599 or (520)626-9355

Email: mclinic@ahsc.arizona.edu

Website: http://integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/clinic

To find out more about the Program in Integrative Medicine please visit: http://integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/index.html

Dr. Weil’s website: www.drweil.com

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by Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
FAQ's: -Developed the first and most comprehensive academic curriculum in integrative medicine.-Created the first Integrative Medicine in Residency program, which is a national model for training of all physicians in integrative medicine.-Co-founded the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, with Duke University and the University of Massachusetts. The Consortium has 46 member institutions engaged in clinical, educational, and research programs in integrative medicine.-Was designated a Center of Excellence by the University of Arizona, formally recognizing the Center's innovation and distinction in education.-Is the largest Fellowship in the world, having graduated nearly 600 Fellows in integrative medicine by 2010, with 120 new practitioners accepted to the Fellowship each year thereafter...