Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, & Martin Zucker

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, & Martin Zucker“Earthing, or grounding, refers to connecting your body directly with the Earth.

Earth is an electrical planet, charged with a subtle surface energy commonly known in the electrical world as “ground.” When in contact with the Earth, this tranquil energy naturally transfers to any conductive object–whether it is a metal rod, a wire, a tree or plant, an animal, or a barefoot human–and they become “grounded.”

The known effect of grounding is that it discharges and prevents the buildup of electrical stress. Walking barefoot on the Earth, as humans have done throughout history, naturally grounds and discharges the body. The most reported benefit from people who place their bare feet directly on the Earth and ground themselves is that they “feel better.””


“The solution for chronic inflammati on, regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, has been identified! And it is not blueberries. It is something right beneath our feet-the Earth itself!

Earthing Connection Universal MatThroughout most of evolution humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious that the surface of the Earth contains limitless healing energy. Science has discovered this energy as free-flowing electrons constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning. Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work-just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up. Modern lifestyle, including the widespread use of insulative rubber or plastic-soled shoes, has disconnected us from this energy and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past.

Earthing introduces the planet’s powerful, amazing, and overlooked natural healing energy and how people anywhere can readily connect to it. This eye-opening book describes how the physical disconnect with the Earth creates abnormal physiology and contributes to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep. By reconnecting to the Earth, symptoms are rapidly relieved and even eliminated and recovery from surgery, injury, and athletic overexertion is accelerated.

This never-before-told story-filled with fascinating research and real-life testimonials- chronicles a discovery with the potential to create a global health revolution.”

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To purchase Earthing products, please click here. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC, FACN, CNS, is a board-certified cardiologist and certified bioenergetic analyst with more than 35 years of experience in helping patients prevent and reverse heart disease. His specialty is integrative cardiology that combines conventional medical treatments with complementary nutritional and psychological therapies. Dr. Sinatra is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Nutrition, and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He is a former Chief of Cardiology at Manchester (CT)Memorial Hospital. Dr. Sinatra is author of numerous books, including Earthing, Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks, Heart Sense for Women, The Sinatra Solution, and Reverse Heart Disease Now, as well as the author of a popular monthly newsletter–Heart, Health & Nutrition.

by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, & Martin Zucker
Martin Zucker has been writing about health, nutrition, and fitness for more than thirty years. During that time he has written a dozen book and hundreds of magazine articles. He is a former Associated Press foreign correspondent. (more below)