Eclipses of December 31, 2009 and January 15, 2010 by Janet Kane

Janet Kane“We have eclipses on New Years Eve and mid January 2010.

The December 31 eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse at 10 Cancer/Capricorn. The theme of this eclipse is home versus career. How do we find a balance between the demands of our career and our home life?

The January 15 eclipse is a Solar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn, the sign ruling Business, Industry, Organizations, Statesmen and Elders. This eclipse helps us focus on our careers.

Remember that the key words for Eclipses are emphasis and crisis. An Eclipse tends to emphasize matters related to the house it falls in on your natal chart or what planets it conjuncts or opposes using a 3 degree orb. The planet it touches is sensitized to future transits and its power is magnified. The areas ruled by the houses or planets will demand more attention, thought, energy, and time from you. If an eclipse hits one of your personal planets, it could be a transition point in your life, where nothing is the same after the eclipse. You move from one phase of life to another.

Eclipses open doors and invite you to come in, illuminating and stimulating areas of your life that needs your attention. A lot of the events that come in because of an eclipse seem predestined or karmic. They describe the crossroads of your life and show where change is necessary. There can be many ups and downs during the life of the eclipse. An eclipse can last on average 3 ½ year, so you are given plenty of time for the transformation..

You may notice the effect of the eclipse 4 days before it occurs. Make note of what comes in. It may be a surprise and may take 4 to 5 months to integrate the information. The events that take place near the time of an eclipse can give you a hint of the issues that you will be dealing with in the months to come. Eclipses can help you break out of your old habit patterns so that you can move forward. They help you fulfill your life purpose.

The ancients believed that eclipses that align with the Dragon’s Head are beneficial and bring a rush of energy and things into your life. Those that align with the Dragon’s Tail, show loss or where sacrifice or service to others is required. It is about giving back and practicing compassion.

December 31, 2009 Lunar Eclipse at 10 Cancer

Total Lunar Eclipse 2004, NASA, Photo Credit: Fred Espenak.This is a Dragon’s Tail Lunar eclipse. This is a time of letting go of old emotional habit patterns and letting go of the people that you have become dependent on. The sign of Cancer rules water, growth, fertility maternal and nurturing instincts.

Cancer is concerned with home, family and domestics issues. Widespread unrest, drug related problems and items about the oceans, fish and those things living near the water may be in the news. At this time, you may feel emotional and a need to care for others especially if you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) or the ascendant at 10 degrees of Capricorn and/or Cancer.

Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses and they can affect us on a deep level. Sometimes we are not conscious of the changes that are occurring.

They can bring up old memories and feelings. The Sun opposite the Moon, lights up the Moon and brings previously unexamined areas of your life into awareness. Because a Lunar Eclipse only happens on a full moon, two houses in your natal chart will be affected.

As a full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse tends to bring completion or endings. You can make decisions on things you have been working on. On a Lunar Eclipse something will end and on a Solar Eclipse something will begin. A Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to break habits or eliminate socially conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that stand in the way of self realization

This eclipse falls on the United States’ Sun. The sun in a nation’s chart signifies the president or leader. Our President may have to give in on something or relinquish power in some way.

January 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn

This is a Dragon’s Head Solar Eclipse which brings power and strength. Now is the time to push through any obstacles. You will see you life expand from the energy pouring in but it may take you a few years to manifest it all.

If one of your personal planets is being “hit” by the Solar Eclipse, look back to see what happened 19 years ago. The eclipses repeat at the same degree of the zodiac every 19 years. A Solar Eclipse can bring an ending in the direction in your life and open a door to another. Remember, New Moon/Solar Eclipses are always very powerful times to meditate.

A Solar eclipse is about planting new seeds, new projects and reaching out for new experiences. Send out your intention of what you want to manifest over the next six months. A Solar Eclipse always occurs during a New Moon and New Moons are important because they bring in new, fresh energy. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day to day functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demand all of our conscious attention and focus. They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

This Solar Eclipse is ruled by Venus and Saturn; we could see some ceremonies regarding the marriage of royalty or state funerals. It could mean the death of a well-known person. Because this eclipse is in the earth sign of Capricorn we may hear of financial problems, recessions, drought, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other earth changes in the news. If these two eclipses don’t align with any of your personal planets in your birth chart, check the house or houses of your birth chart that will be affected. Eclipses will transit all of the houses in our birth chart every 19 years. They help us clear out and revitalize the areas of our life signified by the house. On my blog,, I have a brief list of items covered by the different houses in your birth chart. Look for the houses in your chart that contain 10 Cancer and 10 Capricorn for the Lunar Eclipse effect and look for the house that contains 25 Capricorn for the effect of the Solar Eclipse of January 15, 2010.

Also on my blog is a list of keywords describing each planet. Look at your natal chart for planets located at 10 degrees of Cancer and/or Capricorn for effects from the Lunar Eclipse of December 31 and planets located at 25 degrees of Capricorn for the effect of the Solar Eclipse of January 15, 2010. Don’t forget to use a 3 degree orb.”

Stay Well and have a Happy Holiday,

Janet Hartley Kane

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by Janet Kane
Janet Kane is a professional astrological counselor, teacher and writer in the Washington, DC area. She uses fairy tales, and classical myths to describe the archetypes or psychological patterns in her client’s charts. She emphases bringing the archetypes to consciousness, understanding them and then developing the most positive aspects of these archetypes as the best way of transformation. In addition to private practice, Janet lectures and conducts workshops on the application of astrology to mythology and Jungian psychology. She publishes a free online newsletter, Janet's Planets. Janet is an environmental activist, the regional coordinator for Gather the Women; she facilitates a monthly Wisewoman Forum and works internationally on women’s issues. Janet can be contacted at Her website is