Elka Boren – Shaman Healer and Channeler

ELKA BOREN, Shaman Healer Appearing at SYNCHRONICITY in Brewster, Aug 31-Sept 4th, 2012 Reverend Elka Boren – Shaman Healer & Channeler From Central America, Reverend Elka Boren has been gifted since childhood with healing abilities, clairvoyance and a sensitivity that helps her see into the body on many levels. Elka has been trained by shamans to reach a high level of skill and has integrated advanced methods of subtle geometric grids to accelerate healing processes and remove blocks from the subtle and physical bodies. Elka’s powerful technique moves people through life’s phases, removing blocks at their root, shifting clients to higher energy frequencies, and bringing forward greater clarity and understanding. http://elka.webplus.net/ http://unityangelhealing.com Elka 772-223-4143 info@unityangelhealing.com Shamanic Healing with Elka assists clients to: Remove stuck energies Create a stronger alignment with purpose and divine self Integrate physical, emotional and mental bodies Learn tools for self-empowerment Move forward in healing all types of ailments & imbalances Connect to Source energy & raise vibration to hold more light Healing Circle Aug 31 7pm-9pm Healing sessions,readings Friday AUG 31, to Tuesday SEPT 4 For rates, or more information, go to www.synchronicityny.com info@synchronicityny.com

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