Entangled Minds- Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality by Dean Radin

Entangled Minds is an exhilarating, revolutionary book that will captivate readers of all stripes. Dean Radin’s enthusiasm for his subject is contagious and the level of knowledge and research that he brings to his material is impressive. Readers who enjoyed Lynne McTaggart’s The Field , or Rupert Sheldrake’s Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, will feel right at home with Entangled Minds.

What unifies these books is the cutting-edge research that is presented – research that recognizes and validates real human experiences such as premonitions, clairvoyance, telepathy and more. In a world where most scientists are dismissive at best and hostile at worst toward psi phenomenon, it takes a brave researcher to buck the system.

And that’s what Dean Radin has done – he presents his own research and that of several other scientists who have designed enormously clever experiments that document extrasensory experiences in measurable, repeatable ways. No one knows yet what the causes are but the author makes a persuasive case for “entanglement” – the connections between separated particles that persist regardless of space or time.

This is quantum physics made easy – your dog knows when you are coming home because you and he are entangled, likewise, you know who is calling you on the phone before you pick up, because you share a connection with that person. That “connection” is what this is all about. According to the author, psychic abilities of all kinds are not a rare gift or talent, (although some may be better at tapping in to this connection), but something that we all share as a result of living in an entangled universe.

As Radin says, scientists have been aware of entanglement for years, but they’ve treated it as an abstract, theoretical concept with few real world repercussions. According to him, that view is changing now as more and more evidence comes in that this is happening on the macro” level, not just on the “micro” atom level. Radin and his fellow researchers are in the vanguard of science because they are hypothesizing that entanglement may explain experiences of telepathy, intuition, distance healing, ESP and other “anomalies”.

Examples include the many “premonitions” before the 9/11 bombing, and the way the world responded to the death of Princess Diana.

The author handles all of this material with a deft hand and a great deal of humor. He writes, “Some may regard all the excitement about entanglement a fad, or as mere hyperbole designed to annoy physicists and beguile new agers. But it goes deeper than that.” According to Radin, the old classical model of science is not just outdated, but fundamentally wrong. Unfortunately, the old guard of scientist- now perceived as dinosaurs in these changing times- still control the majority of funding, grants, and the editorial boards of journals. So getting this research out there is not just difficult, but fraught with the potential for ridicule and undermining.

Still, one gets the sense that the more the dinosaurs flail, the deeper they mire themselves in the tar-pit. Radin has got time on his side- both the past and the future, (although maybe it’s the same?).

Historically, people have been documenting psychic experiences of all varieties for hundreds of years – ignoring them, labeling them as fake or “anomalies” hasn’t made them go away. As Radin says, it seems clear that investigating these reports would be the scientific thing to do, but that is definitely the minority opinion right now. As for the future, every old scientific model of the cosmos has been proven wrong at some point, so the odds are good that the old Newton-Cartesian model will be as well. If these are exciting times, then reading Entangled Minds is like having a front row seat on history in the making.

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Dr. Dean Radin has appeared in the film, What The Bleep Do We Know?!- Down The Rabbit Hole

Noetic Science

review by Cheryl Shainmark
The majority of Dean Radin's professional career has focused on experimentally probing the far reaches of human consciousness, primarily poorly understood but often profoundly interesting phenomena like intuition, gut feelings and psi phenomena. His interests in these topics were motivated partially by sheer scientific curiosity, but also by an appreciation that these experiences are responsible for most of the greatest inventions, artistic and scientific achievements, creative insights, and religious epiphanies throughout history. http://www.deanradin.com/NewWeb/bio.html