Evidence of the Gods

Evidence of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken Review by Cheryl Shainmark This is an amazing compilation of new writing side by side with the author’s own photographs from 30 years worth of world travel. Evidence of the Gods may be his most persuasive book yet that ancient humans were witness to, and influenced by, alien contact.

There is a startling similarity to the cave paintings, or “petroglyphs” from prehistoric cultures spanning the globe, and Von Daniken makes the case that this may be because these ancient cultures are all describing the same events. Much like the oral traditions of a great flood that may be found in numerous cultures worldwide, it’s possible that the early depictions of wheeled chariots in the air, men arrayed in what looks like spacesuits with antenna, and alien looking figures may all be attempts to document actual events.

Erich Von Daniken, author of several books, most notably “Chariots of the Gods,” and “Twilight of the Gods,” has turned out another winner with this fantastic collection of photos and up to date engagement with the current schools of thought in archeology, paleo-science and anthropology. In addition to the petroglyphs, there are wonderful pictures of the many giant man-made land formations that can only be seen from the air, as well as stone formations such as Stone Henge and lesser known works. Evidence of the Gods is a must read for those with an interest in either prehistoric cultures or possible contact.

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by Erich Von Daniken