Experience is the Only Way by Art Mason

I recently had a phone call from someone at the bank my martial art school does business with. They call themselves financial planners or something, but wanted me to come in so he could show me how to make lots of money. He told me his credentials (degrees etc). I asked him what his personal net worth was. He told me that he really did not wish to talk about this. My question to him was, “How are you going to make someone rich if you have not done it yourself?” He had knowledge, but no experience.

It is like in my martial art school. I have Black Belts in 4 different arts, to multiple degrees. I have been teaching since I was a Green Belt. I have also promoted about 150 people to Black Belt. I know how to create Black Belts because I have experience doing it!

People today love to give advice and try to help other. This is fine, but will often lead to misery for the person following the advice. This is because knowledge and experience are two different things. People often mean well, but this is really not much consolation.

One of the most important experiences we all need is with ourselves. Looking inside to see our true nature and who we are. Understanding this will help you transcend the ‘good opinions of others’ and allow you to gain your own experience. When a problem arises no matter how big or small take a look within. If the solution is not evident then look for someone with experience to share.

Wisdom comes from experience, never just knowledge.

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by Art Mason
Art Mason is a full time martial arts teacher having founded "Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute" in 2000. Being concerned with the direction of martial arts in Canada he and his son's Curtis and Scott founded the eclectic martial art they teach call "Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido". He has been very fortunate to have studied with some of the best martial artists in the world. These include men such as Dr. Steve Stewart.Modern Martial Arts.Master Mason's martial art school, The Peaceful Warriors' specialized in teaching both children and adults this very effective system. They have been very successful in working with children with ADHD and autism. Their prime focus in on self improvement and self defense.