Fight It & Diabetic Rockstar: “Fighting For Those Waiting For A Cure” by Dena Ventrudo

Dena VentrudoAs a type 1 diabetic, or as I now call myself, an insulin addict, I have spent a lot of time trying to help the cause for finding a cure. There are alot of huge organizations out there working on just that.

But what I found as a young person on my own, is that even with good health insurance, when money gets tight and I need my insulin perscription filled- it hurts more than just my injection zones.

I recently happened upon a website. This website, this charity, is truly unique in that it acknowledges the needs that all too often go unheard in the diabetic community. We all want a cure. But what do we do until then?

This site is honestly incredible. I saw in the right hand column of, that if you needed a blood glucose meter, for any reason whatsoever, that you could email them and they would send you a free one. Blood glucose meters can cost anywhere from $15 to $100. You also need a perscription for the paper test strips once the samples they come with run out.

Sometimes, when my blood glucose meter reads my blood sugar is much higher than I’d like, I get quite upset and hurl the thing across the room. How many diabetics have done that? Many. And sometimes…they break. Sometimes the batteries die or the meter just doesn’t want to cooperate. There are a million reasons why you may need a new one. But what do you do when you’re flat broke – when the fifteen bucks to get the cheapest one in the pharmacy could make or break rent, the electric bill, or your ability to eat dinner that night? Just email them and tell them. I did, and I got a new one very quickly.

Not only are they doing something amazing, every single person I have encountered and talked with on the website are absolutely wonderful, friendly, and down to earth people. They have been nothing but nice, welcoming, and helpful!

www.fight-it.orgThe following is from the website

Fight It is a unique non-profit campaign that aims to help financially struggling, uninsured and newly diagnosed diabetics. While larger non-profits and organizations raise money for a cure, we are fighting for those waiting for a cure. The goal is simple: To ensure that no diabetic must struggle, whether it is physically, emotionally or financially, anymore.

We also look to the future, with plans for a 24 Hour helpline, eating-disorder and depression counseling, and universal healthcare. The charity, established in September of 2007, has already garnered national attention for its unique niche in the diabetes community. Strengthened by a growing number of corporate sponsorships, and led by a number of Diabetic Rockstar volunteers, Fight It is quickly being recognized as a powerful, inspirational and grassroots campaign.

Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Nationwide 25 million people, and 240 million people worldwide, are fighting to properly take care of themselves daily. This is past the point of epidemic and disease; diabetes is simply a fact of life right now for a growing part of our population. And too many people are struggling to live through it. The extreme costs associated with battling diabetes can be astronomical even for the well-insured; this often leads to many people cutting corners in order to survive. The average uninsured diabetic will spend more than $8,000 per year on medical expenses. Even those insured will pay close to $3,000 per year. The complications and risks associated with diabetes goes further than money. A growing segment of diabetics are suffering from conditions like eating disorders and depression, often the result of not having the financial ability to receive proper care.

It is time that someone helps these people before it is too late. Things must change. Things will change. Fight It! Be A Diabetic Rockstar! Photograph by Dena VentrudoBrought to you by, Fight It is simply one of a kind. From testing meters and supplies, insulin and medication, to eye exams, doctor visits and counseling, we will do what it takes to help people live like the Rockstars they are. It is our hope that this is truly the start of the Diabetic Revolution, that we will be the organization that forces change in the way individual diabetics are supported and cared for.

Interested in finding out how Diabetic Rockstar’s Fight It can help you? Send an e-mail to, headlined “FIGHT IT AIDE”. Please Include: -Name -Full Contact info -Age -A little about yourself -Present medical insurance (if applicable) -Diagnosis (Type-One, Two, Etc) -Present Medication Careful, case by case consideration is given to every request and a member of Fight It will contact you personally, professionally and confidentially to discuss aide options. Diabetic Rockstar and Fight It are committed to supporting individuals without preference to such discriminating factors such as race, age, sex, creed, and medical conditions.

Diabetes isn’t a death sentence: Life is a death sentence. So start living, or start dying, the choice is yours. Be a Rockstar.

You don’t have to be diabetic to be a member of the Diabetic Rockstar Community.

For more information, please visit or

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by Dena Ventrudo
Dena Ventrudo is the Assistant Editor of Merlian News. She is a published poet and creative writer. Dena volunteered as an environmentalist with the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) for three years serving as a project leader, an intern, and a board representative. She is active in the diabetic community as a type 1 diabetic, trying her best to not only raise money with JDRF for a cure, but to raise money for those waiting for a cure. She has a BA in Liberal Studies.