Getting Rid of Your Stuff

Today I gave away my beloved bicycle, a beautiful Ross ten-speed classic, a possession that I had prized for many years. As my wife pointed out, I hadn’t ridden it in a long time so perhaps someone else could derive more pleasure from it. I tend to get sentimentally attached to “things” particularly if they’ve been associated with special people and experiences throughout my life. But after examining it closely, it was just an object, one that potentially could bring as much joy to someone else as it had to me. So I donated it to my local Community Center along with a silent wish for its new owner to ride it safely and happily. It’s now an hour hence, no pain, no regrets, no sorrow. I actually feel lighter having let go of something to which I had attached a very small but significant bit of my energy. I’ve found that letting go of emotional baggage can be even simpler if we make the decision to release it.

Our bodies have been waiting a long time for us to give them permission to let go of our emotional “stuff” as we all are responsible for holding onto it. It gives us our “victim” status, gives us justification for striking out and blaming others, but the truth is that we decide to hold onto it! And since our bodies are where it’s stored, once we decide to let go of it, our bodies are overjoyed as we expend so much of our own energy just holding onto it. All it takes is a decision. Like deciding to give away your bicycle. Sometimes the simplest of acts can become the most powerful.

We are all immortal spirits living inside of human bodies continually being bombarded by human emotions, and as we have all experienced, some of them are not always too pleasant. At times we find ourselves at the mercy of our human traits, most of which are byproducts of our genetics and conditioning but also a result of our thoughts. The world is a three dimensional canvas onto which we paint our thoughts thus creating our own reality.

Let’s face it, we’re all wounded and flawed in one way or another. We probably wouldn’t be here if we weren’t! My feeling is that as spirits we come to this planet to make mistakes and those of us who make the most–and learn from them–go “back home” with the most knowledge and wisdom. Another common fault is that we take everything too seriously–especially ourselves! Perfection is illusive but our ego tells us otherwise. We are embarrassed by our shortcomings and instead of laughing at them and resolving to do better the next time, we instead become victims in order to explain away our shortcomings. The resulting lower emotions of shame and guilt lead to lower actions such as blaming others for those transgressions. If you look closely at those doing the blaming and accusing you’ll usually find that they are guilty of that same thing for which they are accusing others. Want to break the cycle? Start by lightening up! Yes, your foibles are embarrassing but if you look at them from another perspective they could also be pretty funny! Khalil Gibran once said: “Should we all confess our sins to one another we would all laugh at one another for our lack of originality.”

Whatever you do internally will undoubtedly affect the goings-on outside of you. Learning not to judge or criticize others and accepting them just the way they are, are important skills to master. If you find yourself being critical of others, maybe there is something similar inside of you that you’re not willing to recognize or accept. If you can honestly look back and find it in your own past and forgive yourself you will find it a lot easier to forgive others. We are all connected as spirits so anything we do to help others will invariably help ourselves. Individuation is just a product of the ego–which we have come here to overcome. As Gibran also said, “In truth the other person is your most sensitive self given another body.”

Learning to love yourself is extremely important. Get to know yourself better and focus on your attributes. What you concentrate on is where you place your energy. Reward yourself, and as you start to feel generous towards yourself you will begin feel the same way towards others. Start slowly and build on it in the same manner you would undertake any major task. The more goodness you see in yourself the more you will recognize in others, and vice versa. Heck, you might even go out and buy yourself a new bicycle!

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Gene has testified successes in working on people with cancer and documented breakthrough discoveries in helping people deal with stress and release fear, grief and anxiety. Fixing broken hearts is his specialty, which he usually accomplishes in just one session. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, has appeared on several radio and TV talk shows, and in many publications. His award-winning book, You Are The Healer: Discover Your Miraculous Potential to Heal Yourself & Others reveals many of his healing secrets and discoveries. It is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Self-Help Category of The Best Books 2006 National Book Awards. Gene has also released a CD of unique Guided Visualizations called Energy Journeys in addition to his narration, he has also composed all of the background music and played all of the instruments. On one of the six tracks he enables the listener to do a distance healing on anyone they choose.

by Gene Krackehl, LLC
Gene Krackehl, LLC is a Hands-on Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Reiki-Master, Ordained Interfaith Minister and author who has been doing distance healing throughout his life. Formerly on staff at Northern Westchester Hospital's Center for Health & Healing, he now devotes all of his time to his own healing practice in Katonah while collaborating with therapists, Hospitals, MD's and other health care professionals on a wide range of clients and conditions. His workshops are being given in large corporations, organizations, colleges, holistic centers and in many Continuing Education programs throughout the Northeast.