Project Noosphere: An Global Online Meditation Event – 1/7/16

1st Special Meditation Event on January 7th, 2016 Heal Yourself. Heal the World. This Special Event will launch Project Noosphere – a unique global consciousness accelerator. Join the free ongoing daily online meditations and special events to support the health of individuals and the planet.

Dr. Paul Drouin invites you to join him online as he begins a special journey in Hawaii with a global meditation event on January 7th, 2016. Dr. Paul will visit the sacred island of Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat) to meditate on the intention Heal Yourself and Heal the World.

This event marks the beginning of a World Tour to special vortex energetic centers around the world to initiate Project Noosphere – a unique global consciousness accelerator. The intention of Project Noosphere is to Heal Yourself and Heal the World through a combination of online and onsite events that will gather together thousands of people to generate, through the power of shared intention, an increasing inner state of coherence and health for you and your family.

Already, a community of more than 5000 participants will be joining this inaugural event from the Pyramid Valley Campus in India. Together we will be generating the butterfly effect that can generate spontaneous healing at any moment. Join with thousands of other meditators across the world. Everyone meditating on the same intention will create a gigantic accelerator of consciousness that will benefit everyone. The power of the shared intention will accumulate during each 24-hour cycle, and together we will initiate a new movement every day. We suggest doing a 5 to 20-minute meditation daily.

Although Project Noosphere will be punctuated by special events at specific locations, the online meditation can be accessed all day, every day. Before every meditation, you will be asked to set and share your intention to Heal Yourself or Heal the World on our Noosphere Map.

Visit the Project Noosphere website to learn more and to register for this unique event.

by Staff