Is Our Brain The Seat Of Our Conciousness?

Article fist appeared in Prediction Magazine, May 05, page 19; entitled Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

Sahar HuneidiIn previous articles, we have discussed how scientists, such as Itzahak Bentov, author of Stalking the Wild Pendulum, believe that our brains do not produce thoughts, but are devices for amplifying them; and how when we become more aware of what beliefs go into our brain, and how to screen negative ones, we can bring about change and manifest what we desire in our lives. Our brain, and its responses to changes in our lives, is unique in each of us. It is, therefore, an essential component in the evolution of our consciousness.

‘I do not believe in miracles!’

Last week a client, whom I had not seen for nearly a year, came for a reading. She seemed radiant and unburdened, compared to the previous time when she was very stressed and anxious about her long, loveless marriage. So I asked, before starting the new reading, whether things had changed since her last reading and, more importantly, whether there was ‘homework’ and had she done it.

She said that, although she did not believe it a year ago, she and her husband have now come to a mutual agreement to separate and divorce amicably; and that she was well on her way to restructuring her life. So, the ‘homework’ worked, I said. She admitted having started on it, reading the books I suggested but after three months she gave up. When I asked her why, she replied: ‘I do not believe I can change my life, how can I change my life in a day, or even seven?’ (referring to a book I suggested). ‘Why not’, I asked, ‘don’t you believe in miracles?’ ‘Of course I do’, she said, ‘but they do not happen to me’.

As it turned out, she had met a new beau – something she had previously believed to be impossible – and she stopped working on herself. But her new man was already committed to someone else, which left her disappointed and stuck – once again. In reality, she still held a belief which was stopping her from fully realising what she wanted in life. She compromised, believing miracles do not happen to her, and settled for a ‘second best’ option.

Change, In an Instant!

When she left I continued reading one of the best books that I have come across this year, Consciousness Explained, by Daniel C. Dennett. Coincidently, I reached the part where he explains how nature evolved from ‘darkness’. Then, as nature needed to replicate itself, boundaries and reasoning developed, explains Dennett.

The next stage was the evolution of the brain, where individual brains developed in such a way ‘that they are not entirely hardwired, but rather variable or plastic’ in behaviour. This allowed the brain the ‘means of learning from the past’ and predicting or anticipating the future, a process known as ‘post-natal design-fixing’. In other words, dealing with new and unexpected changes in its environment. He explains that

‘the fundamental purpose of brains is to produce future’; that is to learn from past experiences in order to ‘develop methods of getting out of harm’s way’.

What made the greatest impression on me was the statement he made about the brain’s ability to adapt to new changes; and how the nervous system also evolves in a few seconds to support the brain. He states that plasticity is a capability of the brain’s behaviour and is ‘almost certainly a mechanical process… that is itself genetically installed in the nervous system’.

Evolution in milliseconds

He then explains how even the brain of a ‘lowly toad’ has a design for dealing with changes in the world. This design ‘evolves at a pace and magnitude faster than natural selection, with “generations” lasting seconds or minutes, not years.’ But, for ‘truly high powered control’ where adjustments takes only few milliseconds; he says ‘for all our foolishness, we human beings are vastly better equipped for that task than any other…it is our enormous brains that make this possible’.

Yes, you have just read it, and I hope my client will also do so: we are all capable of adapting and making change happen– in a split second! If she could only ‘re-wire’ her brain to believe that miracles are possible for her then they would be. If your past contains a painful pattern, remember that you are not obliged to repeat it. You can evolve the way your brain works in an instant to avoid making the same mistakes ad nauseam.

The seventeenth century Portuguese philosopher Benedict Spinoza said that ‘human reason’ continues to develop, creating powerful intellectual tools; ‘extending its inquiries until by degrees it reaches the summit of wisdom’. And, with wisdom, consciousness evolves.

Next Month: we will discuss further ‘what is consciousness’ and how ‘to take care’ of our brain. Till then, love, light and healing.

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