January 26 Solar eclipse in Sidereal Capricorn by Sam Geppi

Sam Geppi A few words about the eclipse we just went through, and the current planetary trends. This is a very powerful time right now. As I’ve been saying, this eclipse in Capricorn involved almost every planet in one way or another. Not only were there four planets in Capricorn, not including the node, but Mars and Venus were just about to change signs (and movie into their signs of exaltation!) But also Saturn was exchanging with the sun. What this means is there is an enormous focus on the sign of Capricorn right now and everything Capricorn represents. These things include duty, responsibility, hard work and our determined efforts for a long period of time. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet that represents our awareness of time unfolding and how our efforts magnify over time. Once a being enters the limited realm of time and space, through form — all other limitations become revealed. Through Capricorn Saturn reflects upon these ideas, internalizes this pressure. There can be worry, guilt, fear and the awareness that we must be responsible for ourselves as time strips away all external structures eventually, leaving us with only our peace of mind (or lack of it). This remarkable eclipse shows the Sun and Saturn exchanging (in each other’s signs), bringing together these two powerful planets of duty and responsibility. As I’ve said before, the Sun takes responsibility because of all the good that can be done and Saturn takes responsibility because all the trouble that can be avoided. Yet, underneath it all, our determined efforts align with our inspired purposes when the sun and Saturn come together — at least that is the potential. The other possibility is that the psychological complexes resulting from facing our limitations harm our confidence to the point that we do not act with confidence, enthusiasm and abundance (through the Sun). Instead we may act through scarcity and fear — afraid to change our commitments or make a mistake. This is how Saturn by making us aware of time, and the mistakes of the past, may prevent positive action in the present. Amazingly, within two days after this eclipse both Mars and Venus have become established in their signs of exaltation. Venus will be in her sign of exaltation until the end of May, 2009. Mars will be in his sign of exaltation until the middle of March – and the Sun and Saturn will remain in this exchange until the middle of March. When the Sun goes through Aquarius the exchange will continue, as Saturn also rules Aquarius. Between now and the middle of March is a time when you should put forth a concentrated, determined effort toward the goals that are meaningful to you. Not only will you have the Sun and Saturn exchanging with each other, bringing that focused, concentrated energy — you will also have an exalted Mars and an exalted Venus working on your behalf. But even with that help, it is very easy to knuckle under to fear, scarcity and the mistakes of the past when facing a lot of Saturn energy. The exaltation of Mars is especially auspicious now because it totally resurrects debilitated Jupiter by transit. There is no modification of debilitation more powerful than having a debilitated planet joined an exalted one. Currently in the sign of Capricorn we have a debilitated Jupiter, an exalted Mars, the North node, the Sun exchanging with retrograde Saturn — and soon to be Mercury, again. Now it’s really the time to get your mind around duties, responsibilities and your capacity for hard work and determined effort. You may feel like you’re working really hard right now. I hope it for something that you believe in. We are starting to face the times I spoke about last year when Jupiter and Saturn were in a trinal position with each other. At that time I spoke about following your inspirations and putting into play things you will be willing to commit in 2009 – because we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

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by Sam Geppi
Sam Geppi is a Vedic astrologer, writer and teacher, and he is the author of 'The Ascendant: 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology.' Although he uses Vedic astrology techniques in his practice, he teaches methods that are universal to all systems. He formalized this approach in early 2008 with his 'Universal Astrology' classes. Sam maintains a busy astrology practice from his home in San Francisco. He sees astrology study as superior to simply getting readings. He has many free astrology classes, videos, horoscopes and newsletters available to teach and inspire others about the miraculous universe we inhabit. Please feel free to contact Sam at sam1@universalastrology.net.