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Photograph by Dena Ventrudo

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

New York Giant Hogweed Spreading Across New York State, DEC Warns Of Burns and Blindness by The Huffington Post The Huffington Post warns, “The giant hogweed is a stunning plant–reaching up to 12 feet tall with flowers as big as umbrellas– but it’s also dangerous. Its sap can cause third degree burns and blindness and New York environmental officials are worried the plant is spreading across the state at an alarming rate … “If the sap gets on your skin and it’s exposed to sunlight . . . you end up with third-degree burns, oozing and scars,” Naja Kraus, the DEC’s Giant Hogweed Program coordinator, told The New York Post, adding, “If it gets in your eyes, you can go blind.””

Books The Four Purposes of Life: Finding Meaning and Direction in a Changing World by Dan Millman Dan Millman writes, “For many of us, life seems like a puzzle with missing pieces. We form plans and change them; we choose one path then another, trying to find the right mate and career, hoping that we’ve made the right decision and that it will all work out. At some point, we ask ourselves the central question: What is the purpose of my life? The Four Purposes of Life can generate a quantum leap in self-knowledge, insight, and wisdom. The seeds planted will bear fruit for years to come.”

Books Contact Your Spirit Guides by Asandra Schiffer Books writes, “Asandra, a professional Channel with an international clientele for over 27 years, provides easy-to-understand instructions for the fundamentals of channeling so that you, too, can contact your spirit guides…The book includes inspiring channeled guidance about the soul-path and special key points, along with lessons on how to use the unique set of 24 Spirit Guidance Cards that will assist you in developing your own channeling skills.”

Spirituality Dying, Death and Afterlife by Jocelyn Graef: Part 8 in Great Awakening

Li Chen explains, “The death of the body is as dramatic and sometimes traumatic as the transition of birth. Both are transitions into a very different life expression, creating tremendous shifts in consciousness. The individual experience will be largely a result of the belief system of the individual and the conscious desire and readiness to engage in the process… Each one of you, without exception, is attended by spirit as you move through your transition. Even in those rare times when a death is not foreseen or scheduled, the spiritual group is, in the moment of transition, holding and welcoming the spirit…”

Environmental Awareness Stop Fracking & Save Our Water Supply by NoFracking.com According to NoFracking.com, “Hydraulic fracturing is commonly applied to wells drilled in low permeability reservoir rock. An estimated 90 percent of the natural gas wells in the United States use hydraulic fracturing to produce gas at economic rates. The fluid injected into the rock can be water, gels, foams, and compressed gases, including nitrogen, carbon dioxide and air. Various types of proppant are used, including sand, resin-coated sand, and man-made ceramics, depending on the type of permeability or grain strength needed. Sand containing naturally radioactive minerals is sometimes used so that the fracture trace along the wellbore can be measured…” Wikipedia.org

Conscious Eating 10 Everyday Super Foods by Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD

Kathleen Zelman explains, “Eaten regularly, these foods will help you satisfy the recommendations of the U.S. government’s 2005 Dietary Guideline, giving you nutrients that are typically missing from American diets. According to the Guidelines, Americans need to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Of course, experts are quick to point out, this list of top 10 super foods by no means includes all the nutritious foods that should be part of a healthy diet.”

Wellbeing & Healing Soul Healing Powers Of Flower Essence Therapy by Triza Schultz Triza Schultz shares, “Flower essence therapy has been one of the most vital treatment modalities within my healing and growth process for 20 years now. The power of this elegantly organic, yet simple therapy became even more apparent to me during the recovery process from Lyme disease. Every emotional, mental, spiritual, and certainly, physical trigger has been squeezed. This potent “energy medicine” from Nature herself will continue to be a regular part of whole health maintenance for life. That’s how significant my experience has been.”

Astrology Less Sunspot Activity Is Not A Climate Change Fix by Erin Podolak Erin Podolak reports, “…The idea is that the lack of solar activity could propel Earth into the next “Little Ice Age” or even serve as a solution to global warming. There is some historical evidence of cooling events and solar activity decreases occurring at the same time, but the two types of events are not strongly correlated… Established scientific evidence shows that reduced solar activity produces a cooling effect on Earth of less than 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Certainly not enough to fix our global warming woes, particularly considering that scientists aren’t even sure yet that we are entering a decade’s long solar minimum.”

Dreams Pulled Back From A Parallel Life Adventure by Robert Moss

Robert Moss writes, “What would you be doing if you had stayed in that marriage you left, or the old job, or (alternatively) had taken that risk and gone off to Samoa instead of taking that post grad degree? In dreams, you can find yourself in the thick of the alternate lives you may be leading now, among the possibly infinite parallel universes that leading-edge physicists tell us are a probability…”


Hazel Courteney

Hazel Courteney


Hazel Courteney was the UK’s first alternative-health advice columnist with her column ‘What’s the Alternative?’ in the Daily Mail, and she soon became an acknowledged expert on health and metaphysical issues. In 1998 she underwent a near-death experience that triggered huge amounts of paranormal phenomena to occur in her presence. She tells this incredible story in her book Divine Intervention and the sequel, The Evidence for the Sixth Sense. Hazel is also well known for a number of very successful health books including 500 of the Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need. Her latest book is entitled, Countdown to Coherence: A Spiritual Journey toward a Scientific Theory of Everything .

“To keep up with what I’m working on and any hot tips I might have — click on Latest News . A selection of my features on health and spiritual subjects are shown above and you can also find details of my books and upcoming talks by clicking on events . The Links section for now is quite small — but as time passes I will be adding more favourites. And if you have any health or spiritual queries, please use contact me … After a lifetime of illness – during my thirties I decided that if I was ever going to become and stay well, I needed to take charge of my health. And today I know that 85% of chronic degenerative diseases and a host of common medical conditions could be avoided or cured if we could be more willing to make a few changes to our diet and lifestyle.

If you are ready to add many more years to your life, to feel happier and more fulfilled than you have in a long time and to truly take charge of YOUR health – then read on…”

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