Legacy: Book 1 of The Heritage of the Dragon Series

Legacy: Book 1 of the Heritage of the Dragon Series by Jude Currivan

Review by Cheryl Shainmark

Author of several non-fiction books in the past, Jude Currivan has knocked it out of the park now with her first fictional effort. Legacy is an action packed adventure story – part myth, part romance, and entirely exciting! With dragons, time machines, genetic manipulation and a plot to control mankind by alien forces, there is something for everybody. This is the best sci-fi fantasy book to cross our desk in a while.

But is it entirely fiction? As the book neatly swerves from modern London in 2012 to ancient Egypt, from the newly awakened god Thoth to a band of bad guys, and from the latest scientific advances to the wisdom of a telepathic elderly woman, the reader is left to wonder. Currivan has deftly woven a tale that incorporates myth, prophecy, and sacred knowledge into a modern fable that has the ring of truth. As the heroine, Elanor Duke, struggles to free humanity from the mind control of extra-planetary forces, she wrestles with larger questions that evoke everything from the role of the gods and their ability to interact with humans, to the the latest findings from quantum physics. There are questions posed and dillemas presented that have a realism and a sense of urgency and immediacy for mankind today.

Legacy is written as a three part e-book and is the first installment of what promises to be an exciting series, entitled, “Heritage of the Dragon”. All three parts of Legacy are released on Kindle and now available on Amazon. Book 2 of the Heritage of the Dragon series, Awakening, is due out at the end of the year and promises to be a wild ride as the story of Elanor and the Regime and the Magi continues.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Jude Currivan is a cosmologist and healer who has ‘walked between worlds’ from the age of four. She has a PhD in archaeology researching ancient cosmologies, a Masters degree in Physics specialising in cosmology and quantum physics and is the author of five non-fiction books including Hay House published The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step, CosMos co-authored with Ervin Laszlo PhD and most recently, HOPE. She has journeyed to nearly seventy countries around the world and worked with the wisdom keepers, both living and discarnate, of many traditions and realms. Whilst LEGACY and the further books of the Heritage of the Dragon series are written as ‘fictional’ they reflect the multi-dimensional realities and understanding of her life-long experiences and explorations; metaphysical, spiritual and scientific.