Light Limits Us To The Speed of Light: Part 3 by Laurel Botsford

Laurel BotsfordThe science of Quantum Theory states that particles may be in multiple places simultaneously, the phenomena called superposition, which makes my ideas of imagining being someplace else while we are ‘physically’ on Earth, for example, completely real. Quantum theory also promotes the idea that either information travels at an infinite speed, ie, there is no speed of light speed limit for things other than ‘light’, or, it says, there is interconnectedness in the universe, the phenomena called entanglement. According to Quantum, since everything was created at the Big Bang, then everything in our entire universe is interconnected.

Research into both of these concepts, infinite speed potential and the interconnectedness of entanglement, is exciting. Our imagination places us instantly near the black hole, and we are there as well as here, because 1). We are able to be physically in two or multiple places simultaneously, and 2). Because we are entangled with, are still connected with our consciousness, indeed all consciousness, wherever we physically happen to be. In this way whatever we feel, do, see or experience is experienced in all places simultaneously. That is why, in my opinion, we can imagine being many places when at the same time, we are seemingly sitting in only one place, in the classroom for example, here on Earth.

Could it be that this imagined state is one of our superposition possibilities and our classroom existence is when our consciousness chooses and collapses into the one state out of the many? Could it be that this moment of collapse, called the collapse of the wave function in Quantum Theory, is the threshold between the speed of light limit and faster than the speed of light? It seems to me a very logical explanation. It seems to me our consciousness is aware of this multiplicity, it being interconnected with our imagination, our out-of-body and déjà -vu experiences, all of which are representations of energy frequencies immeasurable in our present level of consciousness.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoUnderstanding these phenomena perhaps through quantum theories will enable us to bridge many a gap. Entanglement allows for thought waves of peace to reach out and cover the world, entangling with the criminal mind to induce calm. Superposition makes it possible for you to join your brother on Everest’s summit completing his promise to take you with him. Entanglement allows for you to be with your loved one ‘in spirit’ when you cannot be there in person. Superposition allows for a manifestation of you anywhere, perhaps right next to you, perhaps out on the other side of the universe, some kind of manifestation of you, some feeling of you, some kind of sensation to whomever or whatever is out there, of you being there at the precise moment your imagination places you there, at the precise moment your superposition-ed self crosses the threshold of the speed of light.

‘Light’ can only get you to that black hole after billions of light years but what we consider ‘only your imagination’ may be a reality that you are actually experiencing in your superposition-ed, entangled, out-of-body, déjà -vu, imaginary state. Are un-worldly visits by spirits and angels vested on the lucky multitudes in our world, just the opposite? Are they the out-of-body superposition experiences of beings or essences from some distant outpost of our galaxy or beyond? Are these essences collapsed in another world and what we are seeing are their superposition-ed imagined selves? Perhaps this is why they appear non-solid to us. Have these spirit and angel essences traversed their own black holes of their own universes come to join us in ours, to learn about us and to teach us about them?

These and many other strange new realms await us. If the invisible is of the realm of ‘faster than the speed of light’ it could be a key to understanding things we as of yet cannot explain. Mystical things like feelings, apparitions, Bermuda Triangles, and the spirit world. Branching off from the speed of light as an absolute with nothing beyond, we open ourselves to the enormity of what could and can be.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoUntil relatively recently there have been no scientific explanations making supportive claims about what we cannot see, but what we know, and feel or sense is also here, and there, alongside of, above, behind and within us. These feelings and sensations have essence in our light world but from where do they originate? Is the alien, as in UFO, or the spiritual, as in angel, realm that of the humanly invisible realm of the faster than the speed of light? Are there aliens and spirits (like humans, both benevolent and non) standing right next to us but that are to us invisible because of their incredible to us, faster than the speed of light existence? If we attune to them they are there, unquestionably for those who have experienced them and much too common an occurrence for too many of us for it to be ‘impossible’. In this Quantum age of scientific-alien-spiritual rapprochement this could be an interesting link to follow.

Quantum Reality proposes interesting theories of an indefinable, wavering, constantly changing universe of the abstract with unending potential. Imagine the beauty of it! Will a modern day Einstein take up the call and work to overcome this ‘light’ barrier? I have not the mathematical genius to uncover such proofs. Perhaps our own indigo children may find themselves capable. Or, perhaps, we must wait. A spiritual or an alien guide may need to come and lead us through the first step. Let us, while waiting, give it a try.

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Laurel Botsford is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin  Madison, Wisconsin, USA with studies at LUniversiti dAix-en-Provence, France majoring in languages, has been Master Scuba Diver Trainer teaching others the wonders of one non-human world and is Dr. of Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy Practitioner and Universal Energy Healer. She is an amateur astronomer, ever interested in space and all it holds and a member of The Planetary Society, keeping abreast of up-to-date astrophysics knowledge and space exploration progress just for the enjoyment of reaching out.