Mama Donna Leads NYC Halloween Parade!

Tonight Mama Donna will be leading the famous Greenwich Village Halloween Parade with blessings. Joining her in this honorable endeavor is her marvelous Blessing Band of wonderful individuals who are deeply earnest in their desire to extend blessings of peace and positive community spirit to New York City.

They will be walking ahead of the parade for the entire route, blessing as they go. They will be dressed all in white an silver to emphasize the purity of their intentions. Since this is not a performance, but a real ritual, they will not be wearing masks or elaborate face paint, as they want their eyes and facial expressions to convey the sincerity of their mission.

Their blessings will be with smudge, or holy smoke, as well as bells, bubbles, glitter and spirited chanting. They will share blessings of peace, blessings of good will, blessings of community, blessings of safety, blessings of protection, and blessings of love.

Please join them wherever you are in sending out blessings to the two million people who will be in attendance, to all your loved ones, to our cities, to our country, to our world community, and to our precious planet.

Urban Shaman

Donna Henes: Urban Shaman

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by Mama Donna
Donna Henes is an acclaimed urban shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, artist and writer. She has designed and produced countless public participatory ceremonial events in celebration of the universal cycles of the seasons in more than 100 cities in nine countries since 1972. She is the author The Moon Watcher's Companion, Celestially Auspicious Occasions: Seasons, Cycles & Celebrations and Dressing Our Wounds In Warm Clothes as well as a CD, Reverence To Her: Part One: Mythology, the Matriarchy, & Me. Henes is a founding member and on the Board of Directors of the International Center for Celebration, and she served as a children's book award judge for the United Nations Jane Addams Peace Association from 1980-1988. For more info visit