Medium Roland Comtois

Roland ComtoisRoland Comtois is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Internationally and Nationally known Spiritual & Intuitive Consultant, Specializing in Channeling and Mediumship, Reiki and Intuitive Advisement.

He also authors a newsletter entitled I Believe. Within the newsletter he speaks of affirmations:

“I have achieved. I am all and all is within me .”

“An affirmation is a declaration made with intention and faith. This statement when recited routinely will weave a wave of positive energy in your life. This positive energy will also expand your consciousness on levels that are not understood, yet! Recite this affirmation for nine days and nights to start with or at least until you believe it. Let these words transform the old patterns, thoughts and experiences into new and awesome possibilities. “

Roland Comtois is an excellent medium and he approaches his work with great compassion. The reading I had with him was a memorable experience. I found him to be extremely accurate in the information he provides. He is not only adept at his profession, but couples it with great integrity. I highly recommend his work and feel his clients will go away feeling inspired and able to handle their lives in a more positive way.

As so many have come to experience, Roland Comtois is an exceptional Spiritual & Intuitive Consultant. We are secure in his honesty, insights and messages. Simply put, Roland is amazing!

Roland also is Founder and Director of the Center for Inner Harmony, Angelic Visions Adopt – An – Angel Program and Rhode Island Institute for Reiki Training. He is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Nurse Healers – Professional Association and Integrative Medical Alliance.

Roland Comtois is available for seminars and retreats. For more information or to schedule an event in your area, please visit

> Merlian News Podcast Interview with Roland M. Comtois Roland ComtoisIn this podcast interview Merryn Josetalks with Roland Comtoisabout communicatingwith spirit, channeling, and mediumship. Roland M. Comtois, a Rhode Island native is widely known locally and abroad as a Spiritual Medium and Channel, who channels the world beyond. His “Messages for the Soul” audiences have reached the tens of thousands across the miles.He is the founder of the “Inspiration” Foundation and “I Believe” publication whichgoal is to inspire and empower others through love and compasson.

by Merryn Jose
A professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher; who lives in Westchester, New York. She comes from a long lineage of practicing Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties, featuring podcast interviews with cutting edge minds on Merryn is also the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the online magazine, Merlian News.