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Merryn’s Musings

Meditation, Mystical Experiences & Brain Mapping

I am a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books, CDs and DVDs . First featured on the documentary, What the Bleep do we Know? this leading neuroscientist and lecturer has written such best sellers as Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (Health Communications, Inc., 2007) and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Hay House, 2012). You Are The Placebo (Hay House, 2014), his latest book, builds on his previous work. Recently, I was delighted to come across a wonderful new outlet for Dr. Dispenza’s work: . On there I found a video, Brain, Mind, and the Placebo Effect ….

Liminal Moments by Cheryl Shainmark

Anchoring the Reality That We Want

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon before: you’ve never heard of a particular item, idea, or person and then once you do you find it popping up all over the place. It’s as if the whole world (or at least everybody you know on Facebook), all got the same buzz at the same time. Of course, we all know that someone had to be “the first” — the first to think that thought, invent that item, do the research, say or do or discover something new — and that everybody else caught on later….

Conscious Eating

The Benefits of Sprouted Garlic

Did you know that sprouted garlic has surprising benefits? From — Don’t trash garlic that has begun to sprout — new research suggests that it may have more health benefits than fresh garlic. We know that the antioxidant effects of garlic can influence health in many positive ways – it has been used traditionally to address high blood pressure, and can help protect against heart disease. It has also found some utility in treating earaches, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), chronic fatigue syndrome, and diabetes. Historically, it was prized for it usefulness in colds and flu to boost the immune system, and has even been used to treat skin infections.

Environmental Awareness

The NYC High Line: Beauty in the Middle of the City

The High Line is one of New York City’s newest parks: the first section opened in 2006, and subsequent parts in 2009. Built on an old, unused elevated railroad track and measuring about one mile long by about forty feet wide in some places, it is also one of the most interesting parks in the area. Unused since the 1980’s and originally condemned for demolition, it seemed the High Line would become one more story of urban blight. Then “Friends of the High Line” organized the community and began a massive public outreach program….


Shamans of the Breakfast Table

Robert Moss writes, “True shamans are dreamers. They are typically called to their vocation in dreams, and dreaming strong — traveling in lucid dreams to help souls find their way, to diagnose and treat illness, and to scout out the future — is the core of their practice. Anyone who dreams, as the Kawahiv, an Amazonian dreaming people say, is ‘a little bit shaman’, so we stand on the brink of claiming this power when we remember our dreams and start to develop the practice of working with dreams and traveling with intention into the dreamspace.”

Wellbeing & Healing

Are You Breathing Correctly?

Breathing can be trained for both positive and negative influences on health. Chronic stress can lead to a restriction of the connective and muscular tissue in the chest resulting in a decrease range of motion of the chest wall. Due to rapid more shallow breathing, the chest does not expand as much as it would with slower deeper breaths and much of the air exchange occurs at the top of the lung tissue towards the head. This results in “chest” breathing. You can see if you are a chest breather by placing your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your abdomen….


Channeled Answers to Your Deepest Questions: “Ask Li Chen”

Jocelyn Graef is an experienced psychic, Reiki Master, trance channeler and medium. Li Chen, is one of her spirit guides who speak through her in order that his wisdom, clarity and guidance may be received by any who seek him. Jocelyn teaches and offers both private sessions and public readings. She is the author of Great Awakenings, The Low Fat Herbivore and Honor the Mystery. See more at .


Wellbeing & Healing – A Real Resource

Check out this wonderful resource: Practitioners can share events, join the holistic directory, read articles and post questions to their experts. LinkHolistic is now the leading holistic professional and community site, featuring teacher events, practitioner listings, group support and holistic forums.

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Merryn Jose – Editor In Chief & Publisher

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