Merlian News Podcast with Ronald Hearn

Ronald HearnRonald Hearn is an internationally respected and acclaimed medium. Born in London in 1927, he first discovered his gifts at the age of 25 and quickly went on to build up a worldwide reputation for the accuracy of both his private consultations and public demonstrations. He pioneered the use of tape-recorded sittings and has made numerous appearances on television and radio.

In this podcast, Ronald Hearn speaks to Merryn Jose about when he first discovered he was psychic, his relationship with Arthur Molinary, his book “The Little Boy Who Listened”, his proxy tapes and how they came to be, his future plans for an autobiography and more!

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The Life of Ronald Hearn by Donna Baker Church

The Little Boy Who Listened: Portrait of a Medium by Ronald Hearn

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by Merlian News
Ronald Hearn is an internationally respected and acclaimed medium.