‘The Listening Place’ Launched by Nancy Rosanoff / Sunnyside Productions, Inc.!

The award winning television talk show is now airing on any computer with an internet connection. Please go to: www.thelisteningplace.com where you can see both current and classic shows from the archive of over 250 shows. Right now, as part of our Launch Celebration, there are a limited supply of the book “Cinema Nirvana” written by the guest you can watch right now. Enjoy the show, sign-up for the mailing list and request your free copy while supplies last. Books of other guests appearing over the next few weeks will also be available.

Metapsychiatry Video-Clip Available

The PAGL Foundation is working with Sunnyside Productons to produce a documentary on Metapsychiatry. This 4.5 minute clip is just a preview of the full length documentary that is currently under production. Metapsychiatry is method of truth-realization for our time that is a great benefit to anyone seeking healing and understanding. You can visit www.pagl.org for more information.

Intuition:The Voiceless Voice

The five week course on intuition has begun at the New York Open Center. There will be weekly summaries of some of the content of the course that will be sent to those who are interested. The course on intuition and an Introduction to Metapsychiatry, will begin in Westchester County, NY later this summer or early fall. Send me a note if you’d like to receive information on intuition and upcoming classes: nancy@rosanoff.com

The Listening Place is currently aired on PCTV: Pleasantville Community Television, from downtown Pleasantville, New York

It can be seen on Cablevision channel 76: Tuesday — Sunday 10am, 4pm and 10pm


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For further information about Dr. Nancy Rosanoff, please visit www.intuitionatwork.com

by Nancy Rosanoff, PhD/Sunnside Productions Inc.
Nancy Rosanoff, PhD., is an intuition consultant and author of three books on intuition. Recently she has been incorporating the deep teachings of Metapsychiatry into her practice and presentations. Nancy also hosts and produces the television talk show "The Listening Place," seen nationally on both American Life Television and The Healthy Living Channel.