Organization Of Intelligent Beings On Earth

***image1***Spirit or physical beings from other systems do not need to be visible and materialize in order to co-exist with you on Earth. In fact, there are a great number of intelligent beings currently present on Earth that are entirely unnoticed by you.

PHYSICAL BEINGS are evolutionary, which means they must incarnate in a physical apparatus (not necessarily human) in order to evolve consciously. While their physical appearance may be relatively complete, their brain capacity and mind expansion continue to advance exponentially.

Your planet is one of the many worlds which are inhabited by physical beings. You are beginning to awaken to their existence and will soon openly embrace your common galactic heritage. In terms of consciousness evolution, humans are the juveniles of material creation but are moving rapidly to the enlightened attainments of their neighboring planets.

A myriad of non-human physical beings from other systems are currently on Earth but remain invisible due to the time/space or frequency layer they exist in. They are also able to manipulate their energy field through de-particularization and travel through your system without being perceived. Their role and function vary from planetary scientific observation and research, to the teaching of spiritual emancipation.

Visible and invisible physical beings currently on Earth can be categorized as follows:

HUMAN BEINGS: These are the humans born on Earth who are, of course, physical and visible. Humans typically do not recall their pre-natal agreement and must begin their life on Earth. They will normally incarnate in a few and up to thousands of physical embodiments until they realize their unlimited divine self and master their creative powers and mind potential. They are then able to move to more evolved worlds and carry on with their soul journey. VISIBLE NON-HUMAN BEINGS: These beings appear as normal humans, however their ancestry or soul lineage as well as their genetic encoding stem from another evolved star or planetary system . They incarnate as humans and awaken gradually to their true non-human identity. They are normally unaware of their role or mission until they remember their pre-natal agreement while in the flesh. In very rare instances, these beings may “walk-in” fully aware of their Earthly contract. These unique individuals normally work in unison with other divine entities for your species’ evolution and transmutation to the next order of existence. INVISIBLE PHYSICAL BEINGS: These beings have evolved further than humans and are in physical form. They have developed advanced skills in telekinesis, technology and science. However, because they exist in a different time / space continuum and vibrate at a different wavelength, they cannot be perceived by humans. Occasional breaches in the fabric of the time / space arrangement allow humans to perceive and interact with these beings. Sightings of aliens, reptilians and the like fit in this category of non-visible physical beings.

The CELESTIAL BEINGS organization on Earth consists of thousands upon thousands of invisible spirit beings, forces and agencies ministering to the growth and well-being of your planet. They are mostly of the seraphic order and act as messengers, guides, transport and death agents. They function under the supervision of planetary supervisors and controllers.

The divine members of these celestial governments are the Energy Controllers of all material worlds. They insure proper ministry of the evolutionary species and maintain the harmonic balance of the planet with its neighboring worlds. Spirit beings are created but they are not evolutionary because they do not require embodiment in the physical in order to attain complete self-realization. Their mind expansion happens through their very function and purpose.

Celestial Beings on your planet can be categorized as follows:

SPIRIT BEINGS: They vibrate at an extremely high rate and are invisible to humans. All Spirit entities, angels, elementals, power controllers, architects, translators and guides fit in this category. They utilize the cosmic forces available to them to assist human existence. They can make themselves temporarily visible to humans in order to deliver a message or perform a specific task. They work under the supervision and control of the Divine Planetary Supervisor and the Celestial Government. PHYSICAL DIVINE BEINGS: These beings are visible to humans. Superhuman physical beings are those who incarnate with the knowledge of their Creator-Energy lineage, for the purpose of teaching it to others or for other planetary purpose. They may come in with the superhuman gift as a grown adult totally aware of whom they are. However, due to their important energetic collapse at the time of physical emergence, they will typically remember their divine heritage as they gradually grow up in the form of a normal human being. Their original state of being is that of Light and pure Creator Energy and they are the direct incarnation of the Creator-Father / the Creator-Source. They carry both a human and a unique sacred encoding which remains undetected by human awareness. They utilize their special encoding to access divine information while they outwardly function as a normal human in the flesh.

Communication happens consciously through the use of language and spontaneously though thought. When you think, you emit a frequency wave equivalent to the emotions attached to the meaning of your words and intent. Contrary to common belief, Thought exists in a physical medium and has an actual measurable wavelength. Those beings that function in that frequency range, may be invisible to you, but are very much real, able to “read” your thoughts and project theirs back onto you.

Therefore you are communicating spontaneously, through your thoughts, with an invisible world and beings, physical or non-physical, human or non-human. This naturally occurring phenomenon must not, however, be confused with mind control which is the deliberate alteration of the thoughts of another. You can most certainly be influenced by the invisible beings’ thoughts, just as you can be influenced by your visible friends, but it always remains your choice to become controlled entirely by the thoughts and intention of another.

©2005 Caroline Cory

“The Visible and Invisible Worlds of GOD”

by Caroline Cory
Caroline Corey is an Energy Healer and Teacher of Spiritual Studies and Metaphysics. She conducts private sessions and workshops teaching the process of communicating and blending with the Creator-Source. She also designs live events which utilize special Light and Sound frequencies that heal, uplift, and inspire the audience.