Planetary Transformation: The Age of Sounding-Light by Imre Vallyon

Planetary Transformation: The Age of Sounding-Light by Imre Vallyon I would like to share with you an important topic: the major changes that we are experiencing on Earth, and what you can, and should, do about them so that we may safely pass through this period of transition on planet Earth. I will try to explain what is really happening, both here and in the Inner Worlds, from the view of higher consciousness rather than ordinary science. Firstly, we have entered the Aquarian Age. Every 2160 years our sun and its planets enter a new part of the Milky Way galaxy, into the proximity of new stars, so naturally they receive new cosmic vibrations from those stars. Thus, cosmic rays from the stars in the constellation of Aquarius are bombarding our solar system, and the very atomic structure of Mother Earth and everything on it, including us, is being altered.

The Aquarian Age started in 1875 and you can see the tremendous change the planet has gone through since then, more change over the last one hundred years than the previous ten thousand years. Obviously, this new constellation is hitting our solar system very hard. There will be the unavoidable results of new cosmic rays: floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other crises that are simply Mother Earth’s reaction to magnetic fields of energy she cannot deal with. But this is not the only problem we are facing; in fact, it’s not even the main event.

The real life‐and‐death issue for this planet is the descent of the Spirit from the Inner Dimensions. We call it Sounding‐Light (because the Spirit manifests itself through Sound and Light), and it is pressing down from the Nirvanic World onto the Buddhic World and from there onto the Causal World, then the Mental World, the Astral World and finally the Physical World. In the past, during the Lemurian Age and the Atlantean Age and again in the time of Buddha and the time of Christ, there were opportunities for the descent of the Spirit to transform the planet and literally lift it up to a higher reality, a higher frequency of vibration. However, that never happened because there were not enough people who could understand the Light and work with it. So now we have one more opportunity and this will be a decisive time: We either accept the Light and transform our planet into a planet of Light – a planet of Light Beings – or we just go through the materialistic, mental Aquarian Age until we get to the next age.

Personal Transformation–the Key to Planetary Transformation

At the moment, the average human being only recognizes his or her personality. It is an illusion to look at ourselves and others as limited beings all the time, because we are not! If you could look within yourself with spiritual vision you would be shocked to discover that you are radiating Light, and you have been for all of your existence. We incarnate into a personal mechanism – a mental body, an emotional body, a vital body and a physical body – and we identify with that, our temporary habitation, instead of the Immortal Self, the Eternal Being that we really are.

The important point is that you have to remain open to this miraculous transformation. It’s not a transformation by thinking, not a matter of going to university and learning different ideas. I am talking about the transformation of your very essence – the Soul itself, that which you are and always have been, that which has existed in the Cosmos for countless lives and millions of years. The Divine Light is trying to manifest, to make each individual recognize himself or herself as a Being of Light.

We know this transformation is part of the Divine Plan, which is in the Infinite Mind of God, but what can we do to help bring it about?

Normally, if you want to transform yourself you have to do some practical work because your ordinary vibration matches your ordinary state of being in the world. Becoming a ballet dancer, for example, requires a lot of hard work. It is the same with your relationship to the Spirit. You can’t just say, “Here I am, Holy Spirit, come and transform me.” You have to invoke it. There is a beautiful Christian painting of the Christ standing by a door with a light in His hand and knocking on the door, and the inscription says, “I am knocking on the door, let me in.” In other words, the Divine Light is knocking on the door of our minds and hearts, but we have to open the door; we have to consciously let it in.

Mantra Science–the Tool for Personal Transformation

So what are we going to do to consciously let the Light in? Firstly, we know that the work has to do with Light–Sounding‐Light. The Prophets and Mystics always talk about Light, even the scientists talk about light frequencies and energies, but the other half of Light, which is Sound, has been forgotten. There is no Light without Sound, and there is no Sound without Light. The entire Universe functions through Sounding‐Light, from the atoms of the visible world all the way up to the Throne of God, or the very highest Infinite Light Reality.

In practical terms, however, the Light vibration is more difficult for the human consciousness to perceive than the Sound vibration, unless a person has Cosmic Consciousness or Divine Consciousness. Since the beginning of time, however, the Mystics, Adepts and Masters discovered that they could register the Divine Light, which is the nature of the Deity, by using Sound formulas. These they called mantras, special Sound structures that bring down the Light Energy and transform it into matter, transmuting the physical body and physical environment. Mantra Science is an esoteric yet scientific science, an alchemical science. Naturally, if you take part and do it, rather than just watch, you will also be transmuted internally.

One more thing I would like to tell you is that this Sounding‐Light, the Holy Spirit within us, has two aspects: one is silent and one is dynamically active. When you invoke, say, a Divine Name, it is dynamically active, but when you sit quietly and focus your attention inside, it is silent. We call that listening to the Inner Sound, the Voice of the Silence, the Voice of the Spirit within.

Imre Vallyon So, just sit and simply be aware of the descending, gentle energy of the Holy Spirit and, without thinking, just quietly listen‐in. In that process of listening‐in, you actually feel what the Christians call Divine Grace. It is like a gentle rain, a subtle pulsation that heals you on the spot by giving you inner knowledge and understanding of your life and what you have to do. You have to try it out; it’s quite amazing, and it really works. It might not be easy to do in the beginning because you are not used to doing such things and your mind will interfere, but it is a practice that you can do anytime and it is open to everybody; there is no religious, philosophical or any other kind of limitation. But here is an interesting thing: When you sit down and just listen‐in, that tremendous Silence opens the door to understanding the real nature of yourself, the real nature of the Soul, the real nature of God, the mystery of Life, and what is really happening now on this planet.

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by Imre Vallyon, author of Heavens and Hells of the Mind
Since 1980 Imre Vallyon has dedicated his life to teaching the Wisdom Science through his extensive writings and through workshops and retreats conducted around the world. In 1982 he established the Foundation for Higher Learning, an international Spiritual School designed to provide people with the opportunity to practise spiritual awakening in a group environment, with the ultimate goal of self-realization and planetary transformation. Heavens and Hells of the Mind was a Gold Medalist at the Living Now Book Awards 2009 and winner of the Ashton Wylie Award in 2008. Visit for more information