Purpose of Life by Jocelyn Graef: Part 4 of Great Awakening

Yes. We are Li Chen. We wish to speak now on the purpose of life, as so many of you are interested in this subject.

There are different layers, different aspects to this large area. As with all the subjects we are covering there is an overlapping and intertwining that incorporates many of the topics we are exploring with you. We will be as simple as possible and start with the big picture and work down, giving examples of specific individual purposes for illustration.

From biggest perspective, the purpose of life is to carry you forward on your great journey home, your final merging once again with the source whence you come. We will use very simple analogy here to explain this journey. It is as though God is great ball of light, like sun, shooting sparks. Each spark that is shooting out is becoming individualized being —whether rock or star or tree or human and so on. Each spark, each being, is containing within its essence the life force that is God. Is not inaccurate to say that on deepest level you are God, for it is God that lies within you that gives you life. This essence, this spark — the God within you — is given in an equal degree to all. There is no one being imbued with more God than another, for God is God. There can be no degrees of that which is all. The saint, the mystic, the criminal, the doctor, the lawyer, the garbage man, the drug user, the handicapped — all are God on deepest level. What differs here is in the conscious knowing of God within.

Those who are more awake to the essence of life, who seek conscious understanding of God within, who desire to be tools of God-expression in the world are seeming to be imbued with a greater degree of spiritual accessibility and grace. This is simple result of much inner work, much striving and often suffering to understand the greater aspects of life and truth.

Each one will come to this step in their own time and their own way through their chosen path.

From biggest perspective then, the purpose of life is to remember who you are — God — and with this memory consciously begin your journey home. When there is conscious awareness of this desire, alchemical change occurs and there is an increase in momentum to speed you on your way with an increase also in the attention from spirit guides. Like magnet attracting all which serves the process. Magnificent gift when you come to know you are not alone, cannot be alone when you are God, all that is.

Let us step down now to smaller arena, denser level of perspective. The purpose of life in the sense of experiencing the physical. If one is God, then why pursue this journey of physical at all? Answer is, many do not. This lies within the realm of free will, freedom to choose. Some are never choosing to experience separation by taking on physical form. But for those who do, and you are who we speak to, this chosen journey is most rigorous and involves much struggle with a greater victory, when victory comes, as it surely will.

Those who are choosing a physical experience are displaying much courage, for the physical involves an amnesia of who you truly are (God) and where you are truly from (God). You are choosing a most arduous path indeed. This is one side of coin here.

Other side is that what you achieve through your darkness, blindness and amnesia is a far greater achievement, a lesson more powerfully learned, than if you retained your memory and knowledge. Who can truly learn and grow and gain wisdom until they are letting go of mother’s hand and falling and making foolish decisions to suffer consequences? This is the way of learning in the physical world. You with your great courage to whistle in your darkness. To make the best of what you can with great fortitude. We have much compassion for your struggle and feel great joy with each of your successes.

The very confines of physical experience, the rigid parameters it is putting forth, is the very opportunity for quantum growth. This duality is an aspect of great truth. It is by learning the lessons through the physical, lessons that are far from physical in their origin, that rockets you forward in your soul growth and conscious understanding.

How much more profound are your lessons when part of the learning is to see that the limits are the very teachings of limitlessness. How much greater the gift when you are finding your sight as result of stumbling through darkness, when striving to hear through your deafness, never knowing of the possibility of hearing. Of learning gentleness in an environment of violence, the realization coming then that gentleness is the greater strength, the true power. And so on and so forth. Oh, yes. The experience of the physical is a powerful teacher indeed.

Especially when you are choosing such a planet that has so many wonderful diversions, where physical illusions are seductive, so sensual. Where life can be filled with such delight and ease that there may be no striving, no desire to work through and finally past the illusion that the physical world is the best of all experiences. Yet, this is appropriate to your purpose in this world, for if you did remember where you are from you would feel such a tremendous homesickness that you would not be able to concentrate on your work, focus on your progress. It would prevent you from achieving what you are here to accomplish.

And now let us step down once again, to a more tightly focused view yet. It is most important to the physical experience to have this aspect of powerful ego/mind. This reinforces the illusion of separation, the idea of individuality. Most important here. For it is through this individual perspective, this concept of being alone, that ego/mind is helping you function properly on the physical plane. Learning to take responsibility for self. Learning to cross street, be safe, write check, drive car and so on and so forth.

Tree of LifeMore important aspect is to delve within to develop sense of self: self-esteem, self-motivation, self-direction, self-knowledge. Without ego/mind you would have no sense of self and therefore could not function. Problem comes in when you are believing the message of ego/mind that proclaims, “I am God,” “I possess all knowledge,” “I am king.” Truth is not found in the mind, but deeper, in the realm of the heart. Mind is only the meeting ground for truth to surface. Then free will steps in with creative process to manifest in the physical.

Physical experience is a tri-fold process. From spirit, through the mind, to the physical. Your greatest inspirations, awarenesses and realizations are given by spirit, an outside source, when you are ready to receive and perceive them. You are touched by spirit in this manner. This is the first step.

This inspiration, awareness or realization is then arriving in the mind. The mind is pondering and looking and thinking and digesting. This is second step. Final step is to take the inspiration and manifest it in the physical. This is the third and most powerful step. For it is in the challenge to manifest that the lesson, whatever it may be, is actually learned. This is where you are using your free will to create. No matter that the eventual manifestation may be far from the original vision. It is in the very act of making manifest that the lesson is objectified, brought out of self for closer inspection and adjustments if so desired. It is in the act of creating that you are bringing God alive in the world, for you are becoming active partner with God when you create.

It is the final step, the bringing into the physical, that concludes the lesson and frees you for next lesson. If you are receiving so much inspiration, and it stays in the mind, what good is it? What can it be for? How can it serve? Who can possibly benefit? It is in the giving of your gifts that your growth is provided and service is rendered to all. It is in this serving of self, on deepest level, that you come to know God and heal the painful illusion of aloneness.

Now, once more, step down to focus on the individual purpose for being in body. On this stratum there are complex and manifold reasons for corporeal existence. As many reasons, as many stories as there are people to live them. There is always karma to balance and lessons to learn. Once the entity has individualized in human form there is a chain of lives linked together that are experienced. This is reincarnation. Is not possible to reach completion in one small life. So you see, this physical plane is big commitment.

Author, Jocelyn GraefWithin the general picture of reasons for physical life, there is a specific group of reasons for an entity to choose a certain time, gender, location and people to come to. Yes, choose. You each are choosing through the process of free will, combined with the loving and wise guidance of your spiritual teachers, all these factors and more. You are coming with specific agenda to complete. Rarely will any of you complete your whole list. There is no judgment here, for the eventual completion of your list in next life of one hundred lives is guaranteed. God is not practical joker. The system guarantees success. God’s system is perfect; how could it be otherwise.

So each of you have agenda, specific purpose to accomplish for which you have been given the perfect environment and tools to complete your task. Your environment is the parents you were born to or adopted by, your family group, and the opportunities and key people you will meet on your journey. Your tools are the skills you have carried with you from past lives and the unique personality qualities that are yours alone.

Some people are knowing always what they will do, seem to have a focused and direct foreknowledge of their task. Others are floundering and unhappy entire life. This is great tragedy for this does not have to be. There is always opportunity — given as many times as needed — to fulfill purpose and find happiness and contentment as result.

Because of your free will you respond to opportunities in your own way. You may not recognize them as opportunities when they come to you. No matter. They will come again and again and again until the lesson is learned. There is no one who is served to a greater degree than the next at beginning levels. There is no one who has a greater purpose than the next.

Let us give you now specific example of life purpose. Jim is investment banker, very good at his job. He’s somewhat an enigma in that Jim is also very spiritual, very interested in the great questions of truth and spiritual integrity. Often feels conflict with his work because of the daily interaction with those who are motivated by and focused on money and all the qualities this so often triggers with the person — greed, fear, mistrust. At same time, Jim is enjoying this job he is so good at. Though somewhat lonely, he is enjoying his work environment and the skills that are making him succeed. However, were Jim to win lottery, he would not spend one extra day at this job. He would spend his time in solitude; reading, writing, delving within, and in conversation with those others he may find who also explore the greater questions.

Jim’s purpose is to be fully in the world, interacting with nuts and bolts of daily life. His work is directly fulfilling his purpose, though this is not the only expression his work need take. Were he to win lottery, he would not complete his mission or fulfill his agenda. Therefore, Jim will not win lottery.

Briefly, Jims story is this: He has spent many lives as monk. Is so easy for him to be in solitude. He is most comfortable with contemplative life for he has much experience with this. Present life is forcing him out into world in order that he may pay rent and so on. Be in same condition as others in order to understand, through experiencing, common reality and watch and feel how people are growing and responding through this format. Though part of him, the part that is remembering his many peaceful lives of walking with God, is uncomfortable with his work, another part is energized by the new experience and the exhilaration of achievement.

We have given this example because it is not pat. It is not necessarily true that when someone is in their purpose there are no problems, no conflicts, only joy — though this can certainly be experienced. Jim is good example of one who is fulfilling agenda most beautifully, though not necessarily enjoying it the most. Rather like literature major taking math class. Is requirement, must be done, but is not preference.

Because of free will, Jim has chosen a very direct, very literal expression of being in the world. This has occurred on sub-conscious level, but is an indication of his willingness of spirit to achieve his goal. He could achieve just as well by finding work that utilizes his skills while bringing him much greater sense of joy and connection. However, Jim is also processing soul judgment of wealth and the people who acquire and seek it. Part of these many lives as monk has been to eschew money. Jim is rather poetic in his translation of balancing his judgments of money, yes? Quite literal, this most earnest soul. Most delightful.

Let us give another simple illustration. Barbara is computer programmer. Very good at her job, been there twenty years. Has respect and power within her office structure, is deferred to often and giving good work and insight. Problem is, Barbara is receiving no fulfillment from job at all other than paycheck which enables her to pay mortgage and put child through college. Barbara has sadly resigned herself to her “fate.” In truth, Barbara is teacher. Her true work is with children. If she would look at this, she would recognize this by her love and delight in these small ones. This is where her joy is. Joy is always your guide. God is speaking to you and guiding you through your joy. God is never requiring empty duty. What you are giving to God, through fulfilling your purpose, God is returning ten-fold through your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Even Jim possesses these gifts, though he does no often recognize them. When one is achieving the promise one has come to fulfill, there is always the sense of rightness, of having arrived somehow. This You speaking to You on deepest level.

Though it is unlikely Barbara will find the courage to seek her joy — would take much effort and planning to return to school and earn credentials for teaching — Barbara is, nevertheless, learning valid lessons of commitment and service. Is never intended, however, that sacrifices be made. No need for sacrifices. Oh! You people are so hard on yourselves! Give yourself permission to explore life and self. So much joy awaits you.

Point here is, Barbara has not connected with her purpose in this life. Does not mean failure, simply means it awaits her in another life, for there can never be failure, only postponement. She has learned and grown much, much has been accomplished. Life is never wasted.

Now let us give you final example. Mother is distraught, is hating what child is doing. Mother is wanting child to be doctor and child wants to be beach bum. Mother’s heart is breaking. She is doing everything she can to manipulate, control and guilt child into going to medical school. Mother is dishonoring and disrespecting the innate wisdom of her child. If she would encourage him to collect sea shells and explore the ocean life, she would find him becoming another Jacques Cousteau.

Mother does not recognize that her child is following his perfect process. By trying to decide for her child, without knowing or seeking to know deepest interests of her child, she is creating a dynamic of resistance in relationship. Harder she is pushing child, harder he is pushing back. Child then is so busy in reacting to this dynamic, child has little opportunity to go deeper into this interest which has now become an issue of control.

These three illustrations have been chosen to show that being in purpose is not necessarily a grandiose thing when looking at life from outside. Each one is learning in their own way and giving in their own way. There is no judgment on their chosen form of expression. Free will, your decision making process, contains all the complexities of your being — fears, hopes, talents, determination, energy, lassitude, ideas, beliefs, issues — that are giving you the experiences in your life that is both unique in some ways and shared in many others.

You are each one God’s dear treasure, and your process is honored with compassion and respect and delight. For those of you who aspire to know more clearly and give more fully, there is ever-present assistance. Above all, JOY is our greatest desire for you.

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by Jocelyn Graef
A lifelong psychic, Jocelyn began her training in spiritual and psychic development as a young woman. During that early period, she also had the honor of studying Reiki with Hawayo Takata, the source of Reiki outside Japan and the final Grand Master of her lineage. She ultimately became a Reiki Master in order to teach the pure Reiki that Takata taught her.After many years of life experience and spiritual development, Jocelyn became a trance medium, channeling an ancient entity known as “Li Chen.” A Tibetan monk in his last life more than 700 years ago, Li Chen is an ascended master working through Jocelyn to serve this time by bringing a greater clarity to our lives. From this deeper understanding of who we truly are we may walk unerringly forward on our path, understanding our gifts and how best to implement them for greater service. Currently offering sessions with Li Chen over the phone, Jocelyn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs. She can be contacted through email at jegraef@comcast.net.