Qi Gong and Parkinson’s

Master Mingtong Gu and The Chi Center present: “The 3rd Annual Parkinson’s Recovery Summit” a workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico February 21-24, 2013

There is now a critical body of persons who are on the road to recovery. Parkinsons Recovery Summits are an opportunity to network, connect and discover more about the therapies that are helping people reverse the symptoms of Parkinsons.

The mission of Parkinsons Recovery is to provide support, information and resources for anyone and everyone who is currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease, their family members and caregivers. The Summit is one vehicle for accomplishing this mission.

The 2011 Parkinsons Recovery Summit was held in Vancouver, Washington on the west coast. The 2012 Summit was held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 2013 Summit will convene in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Is it really possible to recover? Find out for yourself. Join us at the Summit. Discover what others have been doing to become symptom free.

I have been hosting the Parkinsons Recovery RadioShow for three years now with guests who tell their stories of recovery. Workshop presenters have been previous guests on my radio show.

What Happens at the Summit?

To be absolutely clear — you will not be listening to speakers give talks about what you should or should not do to feel better. Presenters do not give tedious power point presentations at the Summit. Summits are designed to be experiential.

The entire point of the 2013 Parkinsons Recovery Summit is to give everyone an opportunity to explore options that they might not have known even existed. There is no opportunity to fall asleep because you are in charge of what you do and when you do it!

If you want to know more about therapies that are helping people recover — and there are many — you can get answers to your questions from people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons who have direct experience using them. Do they really help? Find out from people who have direct experience using them.

There will be 16 amazing workshops that introduce a wide variety of options which people have found help reverse the symptoms of Parkinsons. Check all the options out. Decide which ones you want to explore further. All workshops, evening events and activities are included in the cost of registration.

At the upcoming Summit “The Foot Whisperer” also sets up in his Feel Good Garden and invites guests to experience nature therapy in a unique way (doing barefoot-health focused sessions) to enhance the natural garden enjoyment via the body’s antennae: the feet. Participants take a leading role alongside nature & experience this energetic garden ~~ designed in appreciation of the vitality & aura that play a large part in creating an atmosphere for feeling & healing. On the La Fonda Hotel property, a scaled-to-size Oriental Thera py Garden will offer a peaceful atmosphere through contact with essential oils, healing Japanese fruits and Pacific Rim herbs (a tea & toes soaking ritual) and, of course,barefoot stone and bamboo (takefumi) paths…customized for Parkinson Recovery.

There will also be an impressive array of practitioners from all health modalities who will be offering their services to individuals for a fee. Each practitioners will charge their normal fee you to provide individual consultations, treatments and services. It would be a good idea to make reservations in advance if you are hoping to secure a private session with any of the presenters. Want to meet and network with some of the people you have heard on my radio show? Join us at the 2013 Summit!

Have you been thinking you haven’t had enough fun in your life? Join us at the 2013 Summit! Do you have art work you would like to display and sell? Join us at the 2013 Summit. The hotel charges a nominal $50 set up fee for persons wishing to selling products or other items. Have you been looking for ways to experience some of the options that are helping people reverse their symptoms? Join us at the 2013 Summit.

The sole sponsor of this event is ParkinsonsRecovery. Please understand that the purpose of summits is not to promote any particular modality or advocate any specific treatment option or program of recovery. Since we have no sponsors — we have absolutely no obligation to feature any modality or promote any particular therapeutic option. The purpose of the 2013 Parkinsons Recovery Summit is to feature the many therapeutic options that are available to individuals who are on the road to recovery. The event is designed to provide support to family members and care takers as well as for persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

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